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Friday, January 18, 2019

The difference between a coffee shop and tea shop

So after watching #Viswasam at PVR XL on a fine Saturday morning, we stop by at Chai Kings in Anna Nagar.

Chai Kings has become our favourite go-to spot for a refreshing cup of tea and samosas.

We ordered Masala Chai and Samosas.

Took a table and started smacking and sipping the refreshments with the satisfaction of watching one of the most uplifting and honest family dramas in recent times.

Next to our table, a young couple were sitting and chatting.

They were there even before we entered.

While we were halfway through our drinks, one guy in tees and shorts interrupted those love birds.

“Are you going to order something?”


“So are you done?”


“Then, can you leave the table, I need to sit and drink tea?” LOL!

The couples stood immediately and left as if that conversation never happened.

Seeing that I say to my brother, “Anna, looks like that guy must be "MORATTU SINGLE!” :D :D
And added, “The difference between a coffee shop and tea shop.”

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