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Self is God. Self is Guru. Self is Everything.

This blessed mirror reflects nothing but the Self of my Beloved Brother, my Highest Gurudeva and my Spiritual Father. Whatever you see, read and experience in this blog are only from Him, through me, for you, my dear visitor.

This slave is taking immense pleasure in welcoming you to experience my Self in all its glories!

Shree Rama Jayam.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

"Happiness is Ilaiyaraaja"

In a tucked away mountain-village, 
as silence reigns the cold night,
as melting dews turn into a smoky blanket, 
Hiding the sparkle of the starlit sky,
as the blossoming moon's reflection 
fall on the glistening marble floor, 
putting its glow to shame,
as humans forget their nonsense in deep slumber,

The Divine Musician,
is working his endless magic
on an awakened soul.

lost & found

to the tunes of Ilaiyaraaja

to the voice of Ilaiyaraaja

to the celestialness of Ilaiyaraaja

That lucky soul,
in between his melodies and silence,

“Happiness is Ilaiyaraaja!”
Happy Birthday ‪#‎Ilaiyaraaja‬, you are my spiritual mother who feeds the soul-nourishing milk of music to my life. May you live forever, forever, & forever!

(Wrote this poem on a winter night in Thoorthoormattam and shared it on the KING OF MUSIC's Birthday via Facebook from a warm Chennai.)

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