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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Thalaimuraigal Movie Thoughts - Remembering Balu Mahendra

Back then, when I shared this post, I had not watched the movie. Later, I was only able to view it online that too in a poor video quality. But still the pristine beauty of the film, the heartwarming story and scenes, and, of course, the camera and ‪#‎Ilaiyaraaja‬'s soulful score together left me in awe. Only few creators in the world were able to turn their last work into a masterpiece. My‪ #BaluMahendra‬ belongs to that rare breed.
Be it ubranisation, religious differences, or your own ego, the film will teach you a good lesson or two about life and happiness. Thalaimuraigal, undoubtedly, is Balu Mahendra's message to the world. I would even say through this film he had given the solution to all the self-created problems. Unlike Balu Mahendra's usual films, it was not shot in his beloved ‪#‎Ooty‬. It didn't have Raja's lovely songs(regrets though!). But what it did have was Balu Mahendra's personal transformation and legacy. The man had poured everything he learned and experienced in his lifetime into this film.
For a person, who always wears a cap and sometimes covers himself with a shawl even while going for a casual walk in ‪#‎Chennai‬, to show up half-naked with his bald head and aging body onscreen is a very daring thing, marks his spiritual evolution. In many of his early films, we can see his trust in God. But in this film, he even goes on to write 'Shri Rama Jeyam.'
This film certainly deserves a place in every family's library. If at all the Tamilnadu Government wants to distribute something for free, then it should be the DVD of this movie. Of course, after paying a royalty to the producer, Director Sasikumar whom I really thank and respect for producing this film. (Sir, you must have done some real punnyam to earn the noble credit of being the producer of my Balu Mahendra's last film, தமிழ் கூறும் நல் உலகம் இதற்காக என்றும் உங்களுக்கு நன்றி கூறும், கூற வேண்டும்! )
I remember my brother watching this movie consecutively for two or three times in the theatres just like he had mentioned in this post. I watched it only online because no theatres were screening it in my place. If you haven't yet seen it, watch the film online, get a Thiruttu VCD(if available), or catch it on‪#‎JayaTV‬ when possible.
Because the best and probably the only way to pay back for this film would be imbibing the timeless message and beauty Balu Mahendra had so admirably and masterfully captured in it. What better honour and tribute could we pay for this most gentle director of our times!
(P.S. Wrote this post when Facebook shared a memory I had posted in 2013)

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