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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Baby Shri Rama's Special Birthday Gift!

சீரறாச் செல்வம் போல் சேர்கவே என் ஆசான் ஸ்ரீரமேஷ் சதாசிவத்திற்கே புகழ்!
All Glories to my Gurudeva!!

The very next day the cute little Baby Rama was born, He, seems so pleased by my bro's heart-felt, sweet lullabies and soul-felt devotional songs, decided to bless our family in the least way expected. In the temple nearby my present home at Thoothoormattam, a small village on the outskirts of Coonoor, the yearly festival is now being celebrated with much pomp and gusto. Today morning happens to be the most auspicious event: Shri Muthumariamman's wedlock day. And the most interesting thing is no one in our family, except for my mom and grandma, decided to partake in this most revered function that starts around 3 am in a chilly morning. The wedlock between the maverick ascetic, Lord Shiva in the form of Mahalingam and the ever-beautiful and benevolent Shakthi in the form of Muthumaari, is the most important event in our village function.  I attended it for the first time as we are pretty new to this village. 

And least did we expect my dad, a life-long ardent follower of DK, who simply went to witness the function(perhaps, for the sake of my mother :D) was surprisingly called to preside the event on the behalf of the Lord Shiva's family. He was honoured as the father-in-law of Mother Shakthi, the most beloved sister and eyes of our Maha Vishnu. My father, who is known to make meaningless potshots and fun of our Gods like all those brainwashed atheists in Tamil Nadu, was there like a ever-loyal devotee, doing all he can to get His supposedly-Son, the Mighty Shiva Himself married off to Mother Shakti.  Being the Bridegroom's father,  he had no option but to sincerely repeat the verses and do everything as told.  I couldn't help but smile and laugh throughout the function, seeing my father being adorned with garlands(maligai malai) and pattai(thilak) in front of all devotees and looked like an authentic Shaivate. My mother was extremely pleased at the unexpected turn of events today morning and went on to sing a lullaby(actually it must have been a duet song) to the newly married Divine Couples. I was obviously pleased and elevated to see my father and mother being in the limelight, next only to the newly married ones at the BramaMurtham on this wonderful wednesday morning.

Yesterday, though being Rama Navami, my Gurudeva's favourite Lord Rama's birthday, I was in low spirits and bothered myself all day and also night only to complete some writing chores. Drums and dance were rocking the whole village like there was no tomorrow, but nothing lifted my spirits and got me out of my shell. I was just wondering all day how to simply be happy and confined my Self mostly within my room. Even though my bro wrote some of the finest devotional poems yesterday, I couldn't warm and cheer him excitedly like I usually do. I was just awake and trying to finish the works and eager to be off to bed. But something drove me to the temple. Maybe, I thought it would be nice to walk a little bit, breathe fresh air, and feel the cold of the wee hours aftering staring at my perazhagi for hours. So I went just like that in my pajamas to the temple, having no clue what will happen. But Goddess Maa was so kind and benevolent that She Herself made me and everyone in our family feel so special and bestowed a truly memorable and sacred experience that we could cherish forever.

And I, from being a stagnant pond, have started to flow again like a river....a gushing yet content, gleeful yet calm, effortlessly flowing river. My beloved readers, could there be a better blessing than to realise that you are already blessed! Well, that's what happened today and I took it as a birthday gift from baby Shri Rama Himself as a token of appreciation for my bro's devotional outpourings on Shri Rama Navami. 

And that's one of the few perks of being a slave, my dear folks. :D

Jai Shri Baal Ram!!
Jai, Jai, Shri Baal Raam!!!

P.S: Actually there is no better welcoming song for the Bride while entering Her new Home. As a act of participating in this Auspicious Marriage, you can enjoy the mesmerizing song and soul-stirring lyrics about Mother Goddess, who blesses you even without your seeking! 


shri ramesh sadasivam said...

Ha ha ha... Really , it was very hilarious to imagine Dad do all such stuff Mani.... And also... This laughter is backed by Happiness....Truly an awesome gift to our family, by Baby Rama on His Birhtday....

ronaldo said...