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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Lord's Story - A Grand Retelling of Ramayana in English Poetry

When my Brother once said, "Of the two great Indian epics, Ramayanam is the best," I was not much in favour of His opinion.  The sheer grandness and magnitude of Mahabharatham, and the intricacies of its stories(add to that the Krishna factor :-)) were more appealing to me than the seemingly simple story of Ramayanam.  

Citing a few incidents from both, my brother expounded that Ramayanam is for the heart; whereas Mahabharatham is for the intellect.  Though, His explanations silenced me, I was, then, not able to fully grasp how Ramayanam is way better than Mahabharatham. 

Prince of Ayodhya, the fictitious series written by Ashok. K. Banker, was the first book on Ramayanam we both read.  But unlike my brother, I never completed the series.  While I used to read novels and fictions of various authors, my Brother was always into Ramayanam.  He started to collect and read as many Ramayanams as possible.  For more than three years, He never read anything other than Ramayanam.  He used to say, "Ramayanam is all you have to read, nothing else!"  When I complained that I couldn't develop interest in reading Ramayanam, He would simply smile and say, "One day, you will!"

Slowly, by the Grace of my Brother, and Shree Rama, I too started reading Ramayanam.  Apart from a pictorial book, I completed reading the abridged version of Ramayanam written by Arshia Sattar.  Then, I read Ramesh Menon's Ramayanam.  

Arshia Sattar's Ramayanam was an authentic translation of Valmiki's Ramayanam, whereas Ramesh Menon's was more imaginative and dramatic rendering of the same.  Both the books have their own beauty, but I loved the latter, most.  

Though these books helped me develop considerable love for Ramayanam, it was actually my Brother, who helped me understand the greatness of the simple yet heart-rendering story of the flawless Rama.  His blog post, "My Anger With Lord Rama!" was a revelation of Rama's impeccable character.  

While watching Ramanad Sagar's acclaimed Ramayana TV Series, my brother used to logically explain how certain incidents(eg. Mother Sita's Banishment) are misinterpreted, how certain characters are not so well elaborated(eg. Sugriva), and how a venerable man like Shri Rama would behave in certain situations in Ramayanam.  

They were original, inventive, and above all, melted bothmy heart, and intellect.   

So, my expectations are really high as my Brother has taken up the sanctifying task of retelling Ramayanam.  Yes! My Lord's Story is a grand retelling of Ramayanam in english poetry written by my Brothermy very own Gurudeva! 

My Brother has completed twenty-six adorable chapters so far.  And I am extremely happy about the way His Ramayanam is taking shape.  I can proudly tell the world that, 'My Lord's Story' will not just be another feather but a priceless crown to the most revered, and the most exalted OneShree Rama Himself!

For a devotee of Ram, 'My Lord's Story' will be a glorious celebration.  For an erudite scholar, 'My Lord's Story' will be an ultimate revelation.  Don't take my word, my dear reader; but check out for your self.  You can read 'My Lord's Story' by clicking here.

And, if you read, do share your thoughts, and opinions.  We would be more than pleased to hear from you. 

Shree Rama Jayam!


Vishwanath Seshadri said...

I am an ardent lover of Ramayanam myself... I share your thoughts..

I feel each of our sacred texts have a special purpose and each is unique in its own way..

Best wishes

Manivannan Sadasivam said...

Am glad to know that Vish'na....

Thanks a lot for your wishes :-)

Shree Rama Jayam!

honeyclarck said...

You made some good points there about ExamSheets. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.