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Self is God. Self is Guru. Self is Everything.

This blessed mirror reflects nothing but the Self of my Beloved Brother, my Highest Gurudeva and my Spiritual Father. Whatever you see, read and experience in this blog are only from Him, through me, for you, my dear visitor.

This slave is taking immense pleasure in welcoming you to experience my Self in all its glories!

Shree Rama Jayam.

Friday, April 15, 2011

A Night Owl

Sheltering inside a shawl,
as the cold embraces,
this slave is awake!
like an Owl in the night.

Memories of college days,
lightens his heart.

Mysteries in words,
puzzles his heart.

Even, smiles have become an enigma.

Like an Owl, who sees through the dark,
he is seeing the hearts, behind the words.

Awake and alone,
like an Owl in the Night,
this slave awaits.
For the Dawn to break!


Sneha said...

Dawn will break soon.

Manivannan Sadasivam said...

Thanks for the hope, my friend :-)


venus66 said...

A new day full of hopes awaits you.
All the best to you.

Vishwanath Seshadri said...

Nice poem Mani :)

Manivannan Sadasivam said...

@ venus66

Thank U for the cheerful words, dear akka :-)
Yup! This slave awaits for that day!

Have a blessed weekend :-)

Shree Rama Jayam!

Manivannan Sadasivam said...

@Vishwanath Seshadri

Thank U dear anna :-)

Have a great weekend!

Shree Rama Jayam :-)

Being Pramoda... said...

Every thing will be up very soon, hopefully..

Manivannan Sadasivam said...

@Being Pramoda...

Thank U, my friend. Let ur words come true :-)

Have a blessed week, ahead!

sHrEe RaMa JaYam :-)

Anonymous said...

lovely poem dipicts very deep of the foothills of ur heart

Manivannan Sadasivam said...

#some unspoken words

Welcome to our virtual temple. Thanks a lot for your comments. Am glad u liked it :-)

Like to see you, again. Do keep coming back :-)

Shree Rama Jayam!

Anonymous said...

ur welcome
..oh sure.. following u.

Manivannan Sadasivam said...

#some unspoken words

Thank u :-)

ShReE RaMa JaYaM!

Hemraj said...

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Rhapsody B. said...

Beautiful isolation, speaks of loneliness, longing and hope.

nicely done...
peace be with you always

Manivannan Sadasivam said...

@Rhapsody B


Thanks a lot for your kind words, and visit :-) Am glad u liked it.

Do keep coming back!

ShReE RaMa JaYaM