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This blessed mirror reflects nothing but the Self of my Beloved Brother, my Highest Gurudeva and my Spiritual Father. Whatever you see, read and experience in this blog are only from Him, through me, for you, my dear visitor.

This slave is taking immense pleasure in welcoming you to experience my Self in all its glories!

Shree Rama Jayam.

Friday, March 18, 2011

A New Beginning.....

Life has visibly transformed for this slave, after Nandalala. Just, a day after this slave was re-born, his job as a 'copy'writer came to an immediate end. When he was planning, as he always did, to sell his writing for money, by the Grace of his Gurudeva, his Rama opened another window for him.

And, this blessed slave has embarked upon a new journey. With the help of a Perazhagi(let not your imaginations run wild, my dear reader, it's the name of our Apple), this slave is experimenting with images and music(read iLlaiya Raaja). (Btw, how is the name, Perazhagi?)

Just to tell the world, what this slave is upto, he had keyed-in a mail to his so-called friends, friendly-enemies, strange-colleagues, beloved-bloggers and his adorable-spiritual aspirants.

Now, this slave is sharing the mail he had sent. Not only 'coz he doesn't have many bloggers' mail-id, but also because he wanted to resume blogging!

As this slave's Gurukulam days are over, he is just experimenting the lessons, his Gurudeva's presence seeped in him. And, what you are going to see and get are, as always, the droplets mercilessly showered on this slave by his Gracious Gurudeva.

If you hadn't received the slave's mail, read it-it's below. If you had, just skip it, and go to the end. And if you wish, do share your thoughts with this impudent slave :-)

My dear friends,

Either through ma blog, or in person, you must have known me.
Either as a spiritual aspirant, or as a colleague, or as a 'copy'writer, you must have been acquainted with me.

Or else, this mail wouldn't reach you. :-)

I guess, from a 'copy'writer, my Rama has graduated me into a film-maker, a short-film-maker, to be precise. A short film named, amMa iLLaaTha veeDu, is soon to be published, online. Before that, for reasons,a video song(or call it whatever), was published, yesterday(16th of March).

This is my second attempt in video editing, and my first in editing a song(read iLLaiyaRaja).

Video Title: tHaNee yAaNal enNa
Duration: 5. 26 mins(exactly)
Music: My Beloved illaiyaRaaja
Filmed & Edited by: A blessed Slave
Casting: Go See for Your Self :-)

If you watch it, do let me hear your say...in whatever way, you wish!
Am all ears to hear your valuable comments, suggestions and remarks.

Manivannan Sadasivam.

(A guy you may have once known of)

Beloved bloggers, hope you will embrace this slave with the same warmth and affection you had always bestowed him with.

Jai Shri Ram!


Sneha said...

welcome back mani.:)

Jai Shri Ram!!

Manivannan Sadasivam said...

Ah...What a surprise!!!

Thanks a lot for welcoming me, my dear friend.

Hw have u been??

Jai Shri Ram!

venus66 said...

Dear brother, you have done a wonderful job. You are so talented.I watched the video song again and again.A real good one.Keep up your good work.Take care.

Manivannan Sadasivam said...


Thanks a lot, my dear sister. Am really inspired and encouraged by your heart-felt words. And, all the credit goes to my brother. For, He is the One, who sculpted this slave :-)

Thanks again for dropping by, as always :-)

U too, take care dear sister. And convey my regards and wishes to ur loved ones!

Shree Rama Jayam!

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Mani, thats well done and congrats once again :)

Manivannan Sadasivam said...

Thank u, dear pramoda :-) Am glad u hear tat...

Have a rocking weekend!

Shri Rama Jayam!!!!

Whirlwind said...

All the best Mani!!:)

Manivannan Sadasivam said...


Thank u, my dear sister :-)

Shri Rama JaYaM!