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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Nandalala Experience

Nandalala is, unarguably, the best Thamizh film so far. And, for me, the best film ever made! Life after watching Nandalala is never the same for me. God had used the film as a tool for my spiritual realisation. It's an experience I may never be able to share in words.

From the bottoms of my heart, I thank Mysskin(anna, you're just awesome!), and the entire team for being a part of my spiritual journey. And, especially, my Illaiyaraja, who has always been with me :-).

So far, I watched the film twice with my beloved brother—my very own Gurudeva! I think, Nandalala marks the beginning of an new era, and best things to come... At least, in my life!

A review to the film would be unfair, since it has given me much more than that. So this is a simple but an honest tribute to Nandalala, in my own way :-)

Nandalala transported this slave into Brindavan.
There! To his surprise, the slave has found his Rama.
And is waiting for his Krishna....O Beloved! Where are you?


shri ramesh sadasivam said...

A poetic review for a poetic film.

Nytreya said...

I beg to differ Ramesh. This is totally nuts to review a movie like this. I apologize for the language. I happen to watch 4 different languages in India and I'm frankly tired of these lunatics ripping off the story line from each other and claim to be theirs. Mysskin did the same. by looking at your other posts, please don't degrade yourself by reviewing this crappy movie. IMHO, I don't care a commercial guy copying to make money. but a director who claims to be artistic and yet copy a story? are we drained with creativity totally? shame on us! so please don't encourage these idiots who don't use their brains to deliver creatively. IR is good. but he was insulted by this copycat. So is Nazer! I usually don't respond to reviews like these but the word 'experience' made me furious.


Nytreya said...

I'm sorry, I should reply to Manivannan and not Ramesh.

shri ramesh sadasivam said...

I've watched Kikujiro. Nandalal is 100 times better than Kikujiro. I used to wonder, what is the point in remaking films. The answer is simple. When we feel some work has not been done properly, we like to do it again. When I watched Nandalala, that's what I felt. Nandalala is a better and more beautiful form of kikujiro.

Anyway I don't understand why you should be enraged by the word experience. Experience is something personal and it need not apply the same way for all.