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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One-rupee- matter(s)!

Certain incidents happen in our daily life, though trivial they may seem, but speaks volumes of how and where our society is heading (or falling or has fallen, whatever!).

I'd like to share two such incidents, happened sometime back, but never faded away from my memory.

Incident 1:

I was on my way to office. My stomach said it would be grateful if I feed it. The time was ten past ten. I was already late by 40 minutes; but how could one say no to the earnest request of the stomach? So, if not for me, at least for my stomach's sake, I had to get inside a local eatery near Valluvar Kottam :-).

One of the valuable lessons life in Chennai has thought me - the hard way - is never enter a restaurant/mess for the first time, unless or until you have strong testimonials of friends, colleagues, relatives (remember they have to be your well-wishers too), or you're starving to death, and convinced whatever you eat would relish divine.

But sometimes before hunger, my dear friends, rules and lessons vanish like how the fact I was running late to office got vanished just like that.

I asked for iddillies (playing safe!) but settled for a plain dosa, and then for two pooris. Every lesson ignored has its own price. That day it was 24 rupees. I took a fifty rupee note and gave it to the eatery owner, who was busy parcelling the food items. He received the money, and gave me two ten rupee notes and a few coins.

I got the balance and came out. While pocketing the change, I found he has given only 2 two rupee coins and 1 one rupee coin. I rushed back, immediately.

I showed the change to him and said, "Anna, you have to give me six rupees...but you've given only five?"

Looking at the coins in my hand, he asked: "How much did you give? What did you eat?"

"One dosa and two puris....I gave 50 rupees."

He extended his hands expecting me to give the money. So, I gave him the coins alone.

Looking at them, he said, "Thambi, see...I've given you only the right change."

He stretched out his hand with the coins and gave the change back to me. In disbelief, I checked again. They remained the same!

I asked, "How much dosa and a set puri cost?"

"12 each"

"See you have given me only 2 ten rupee notes, 2 two rupee coins, and 1 one rupee coin...” I demonstrated, and added, “What about the remaining one rupee?"

Once again, he got the change in his hands, and without a sense of regret or alarm, he said, "Oh! I thought it was three two rupee coins," and gave me the exact change - six rupees.

With his look, I was not able to read his face; but I felt he didn't do it by mistake. At first I thought he was just careless. But when he began to persuade me after seeing the coins, even while having them in his hands, I understood he was trying to deceive me.

An act of deception for one rupee!

Do I sound silly? Please read the next incident too.

Incident 2:

Some times, after my work is over, I head to Nungambakkam Landmark, close by my workplace, for checking out the latest books, magazines or just to read something randomly. If I find an interesting book or a movie that's worth my penny, I'd also go that extra mile of standing in the lifeless queue and buying it.

On that particular day, there were heavy discount offers for books and a gamut of other things.

As I was browsing through the piled up books, I chanced upon Jeffery Archer's Cat-O-Nine Tales, a collection of short-stories, at a discounted price for 99 rupees. Damn cheap! I thought and grabbed it.

Having found a worthy treasure (at least I believed so), I lost interest to browse other books, and went straight to the bill counter. Luckily, there were few people waiting. I gave the book for billing.

After scanning it with the bar code reader, the guy in blue asked, "Ninety-nine rupees. Cash or Card, sir?"

I readily gave him the five-hundred rupee note.

Receiving it, he keyed in the amount, and hit the enter button like a golfer hitting the ball.

He kept the printed bill - its size was enough to neatly wrap and cover the book I bought - on the counter table, and four hundred rupee notes on top of it. He placed the book inside the Landmark cover and handed it to me.

I got it, and stood sincerely hoping he'd give me the balance - one rupee! Seeing me standing still, he added, "Thank you, sir!"

I was annoyed by his complete negligence of my balance. But...I gave him my best possible smile, and asked, "So, sir, what about my balance one-rupee?"

I guess many customers who shop there would shy away from asking one rupee. He gave me a startled look and opened the table drawer, saying, "Sir, do you have two rupees?"

I was puzzled. How could two rupees help him in giving the one rupee balance! Are three rupee coins doing rounds! I wondered, and without searching my pockets, I said, "No!"

Then, he slowly gave me a coin, and intoned, “No sir. We didn't have the change."

Thinking he was giving a two rupee coin, I said, "If it's two rupees, then, fine...have it." But to my surprise it was just one rupee coin. This irked me more.

"Even if there is no change, won't you guys have the decency of at least saying it - if not - taking the pain of getting it from the next counter (which is an arm's length away) and giving the right balance to the customer?"

My mind shouted; but I remained silent and walked away.

Does one-rupee-matter?

Yes. It definitely matters! That too, if people begin to deceit for one-rupee, I think, it matters more than anything else!

Why didn't those guys have the honesty to give me the exact balance?

By losing one rupee, I’m not going to lose my precious life. If I’m deceived for one rupee - by God’s grace - I’m not going to get bankrupt (at least, not in one day!). In fact, as Ramana Maharishi says, “Whatever you’re doing for others; you’re doing it for yourself!”

So, if someone cheats, he's cheating none but himself.

But, here, the dishonesty of tricking the customer for just one rupee or fifty paise is something a matter of concern. Something, I find very cheap. Very ugly. If we are willing to cheat others for just one rupee, imagine what we will do for big money?

Whenever, we talk about corruption we think only bigwigs aka politicians, bureaucrats, government servants and high-profile officers are corrupted. We think if we eliminate them, our society would be as clean as hounds tooth.

But, are they the only corrupted?

If a bill-counter-guy desires for one rupee from 100 rupees, politicians expect a crore or may be 10 crores from 100 crores. But the percentage more or less remains the same. The dishonestly remains the same. And it remains the same everywhere; from the top to the bottom of the pyramid!

And FYI, these two incidents are just the tip of the iceberg. If you commute in Chennai share autos, you'll know how the auto-wallas fleece (though, I think, this is ubiquitous). If you commute in bus, you’ll know what bus conductors do to your balance fifty paise. No! I am not saying everyone out there is like that. There are many honest people too. There are policemen who don’t take bribes. There are auto-drivers who honestly return lump sum money, left by the commuter, to the police station. There are shop-keepers who ask to keep one rupee instead of 50 paise.

But, like exceptions in politicians, they are very few.

And, what disturbs me the most is the lack of guilt even after they are caught naked. I didn't see a sense of regret or shame in both the persons (Or am I expecting too much?).

Disintegration of values in the individuals results in the disintegration of values in the society. What is society, but a group of individuals, isn't it?

So, if at all, we wish to cleanse the society, where should we begin?

My dear friends, what's your opinion? Have you come across such incidents? Or do you feel I'm a stingy pig whining nonsense since I can't let go one rupee? :-). Whatever it may be, please feel free to share your views. I'd love to hear from you!

See you there :-)


shri ramesh sadasivam said...

Rupee does matter, Mani. We may have to let go at times. These guys don't qualify for a fight from us.

Mustaf said...

The autowalla thing was so common when I was in Hyd, Anything above 20, they would not have change and would ask for 30 and similarly. and when I asked abt change, they would say "so mean minded, earning so much money and can't let go 3-4 rupees". How would i convince them it is not about the money rather the principles.but here i agree with Ramesh above, it is better to let go, for they are not worth of discussing it with them. you yourself would feel down :(

About the shopiing mall/eateries incidents, I have faced it and my take was exactly same as that of yours. but as said, 100 lies makes one truth, so constantly finding myself the only one in that isolated island and constantly facing those **looks** from the fellow people nearby, i thought it is better to let go 1 rupee, compromise with my principle rather than feeling so much humiliated with no fault of mine :(

lakshmi said...

This is something which most of us undergo...but shy away instead of getting back what is rightfully ours....more so because people would give us a stare that says - why do I fight for just One rupee...and make us feel guilty.
Glad that you came with this Mani...many sure would be able to relate their experience with yours

KParthasarathi said...

You hv raised a popular issue where most of us are the victims.Elsewhere it is not so widely prevalent.

Vishwanath Seshadri said...

This is a fairly common occurence wherein people try to make extra income by the sly.. As rightly pointed out by you, there is a general decline of values. Perhaps, it is the effect of Kali yugam.. And the deterioration of values is see right from the very top of the heap to the bottom..

Where do we start? I guess, the only place where we have full control is ourselves. We cannot but start with ourselves.

Another area to focus on sould be in the education system. I feel today our education system is more about sharing facts and figures (information) than about making better citizens by inculcating values. If we teach values to children and indoctrinate it into their DNA, I guess we can achieve some change.

Unfortunately, children do not have many role models. All around them they see such practices that they feel they can (or rather should) do likewise..

Interesting post and thought provoking..

venus66 said...

It's a good post. This is something to ponder.Many of us do not give a serious thought about it.We just ignore it so others take advantage. I feel everyone should be alert and you did the right thing.

Thank you Mani for your kind words at my blog.Will write again soon.
Take care.

Mads... said...

heyy..was a gud read..u've raised a major issue of which every layman is becuming victim.hats off to ur courage, ppl jus ignore r drift owing to their shyness, which is rlly bad on their part..hopefully,many will learn from ur experiences..thnx 4 sharing..nice job done..!!!

heyy,one note hre, u were followin my blog earlier na, bt nw hav changed blogspace, so wuld like u to visit again nd add urself there to the list of other followeres, nw even u wont face dat update problem as u cmplained earlier..hope, u'll do so..!!!

Rush said...

it definitely matters, cudnt agree with u more...and i am proud u stood up for ur money.Proud to be ur friend Mani...seriously, not many stand up...its not the amount, the fact that u deserve ur correct amount back, whther it one or ten or a hundred, all are as valuable and cannot be measured differently.
lovely post mani :)

Shravan | ശ്രവണ്‍ said...

thats a popular issue that many people dont react..i have always had this same prob with the bus conductors failing to give me the change. initially i never bothered, but these days, i make it sure, that they give me the exact change. there are instances when i have to drop the change with the too.. and there are instances when they took the change less and made adjustments.. travelling by cons. pass is more tragic, u get no change and u get to hear the scoldings early morning.. good post mani :)

Mustaf said...

Hey, saw your comment in Pramoda's blog. How to take the backup of your blogs?can you pls tell me specifically?

அவனடிமை said...

Nice write-up about your one-rupee experiences. I like your writing style (also read some of your earlier posts) and simple poems.

However, I think it is prudent to not let such trivial things in life distract one from their Sadhana, that is, if they are ever into one seriously, after declaring "i’m a person who loves, aspires and strives to transcend the human limitations and experience the Ultimate..."

In fact, I sometimes think, why even write/share when every minute ticking away is putting one bit farther from the goal? Opportunity cost..

Whatever ! - The power of maayaa feels so strong that one not only writes but also reads and replies and awaits others' responses to their replies and so on..........like this silly writer......

It is one thing to split the 'myself' into 'my' and 'self' but its quite another to actually severe the 'my', 'me' and 'i'.

All the best my friend.

A New Beginning said...

Mani youre right, majority of us do shy away from taking the rupee back, we say its ok and walk away. We not only do that for a coin, we do that when a corrupt person takes advantage of us, we do that when an auto driver charges more, we do that when we see an accident and we do that when we see humanity sinking into the deep sea of darkness...we do that Mani coz for us, everything that happens does not matter, until and unless it affects us severely and when we're hit hard,we start blaming the system.......who was to be blamed in the first place...those who do such things or those who encourage such black sheeps to breed comfortably, making their endeavours even more easier...thats why you did not see any shame on their faces my friend, coz the one before you didnt care.
Everything matters, even a one rupee coin, if its at the cost of making our society better, so that tomorrow someone who walks away from a shop does not need to count the change in his hands, he'd be sure that he wont be cheated.
Thanks for taking the first step towards a better tomorrow :)

Whirlwind said...

Its a thought provoking post. And yes people may say its only one rupee. But still its actual worth is realized only when we find ourselves shortage of it when we are purchasing something especially.

Creativity!! said...

Beautiful Moral Post :) :) It happens with me frequently with Rickshawala's. they wil not be having Re.1 and ask me to give Rs.2/-....sometyms, I too will not be having Rs.2/- so I tell him to keep that amt with him :) :)

deeps said...

it would have been a simple, day-to-day, monotonous exprince for many of us, if we failed to put in imagination, a childlike mentality and experince it fully ...
you have gone one step ahead to place it on blog from a hotel!!!

great yaar

manivannan said...

#shri ramesh sadasivam

True anna. Sometime or other we have to let go...

Thanks for the read na :-)

manivannan said...


I agree with you, we feel humiliated and isolated...and that only makes us feel worse. Also, as you and Ramesh anna said they are not worth discussing.... after many such incidents even I feel only that....But these things were bothering in my mind for long so I thought I'd share it with you all.
And YES, it's not about money, but values which make us ask...

You're comment made me feel that I'm not alone....

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences...I'm glad that you stand for your principles.

And mustaf about blog back up....here's a site which helps us download our blog content to directory....I think this would be helpful to you...just check out!


Or else...just activate the e-mail option in your blog such that every posts and comments are delivered in your inbox. And it's better if you've a separate mail ID for the back ups alone.

Actually, I myself have not yet taken the back ups :-) My comment there was a reminder to me also :D

manivannan said...


You're right akka...only after sharing it here I found out that many of them face this same problem. And I'm not the only one :-)

Thanks a lot for your encouraging comment akka :-)

Have a pleasant day!

manivannan said...


Thanks for the read sir :-)


manivannan said...

#Vishwanath Seshadris

WOW! You've really shared some wonderful and thought provoking ideas Vish...

I'm in complete accord with you. The only place we have full control is ourselves....and that's exactly where we should begin with.

And yes...as you've said...our education system should be value based...and we'd also make them aware of spiritual knowledge!




manivannan said...


I'm happy you found the post useful Venus.

And thanks a tonne for accepting my request, I'm eager to read your lovely poems :-)

Have a pleasant time!

manivannan said...


I too wish the same Madhu :-) And am glad you found the post worthy!
Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

And yup now I'm getting the updates too :-)


manivannan said...


Thank you very much Rush! I'm encouraged and honoured by your words... I, too, am happy and proud to have a wonderful friend like you...

Thanks again for being generous in your comment Rush.

Take care!

manivannan said...

#Shravan | ശ്രവണ്‍ s

Shravan even I have gone through the same thing mate. I'm glad to know that you're asking for right change....that's indeed our right!

Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences here.

Let's expect for the best :-)

manivannan said...

Welcome to my blog! It's heartening to see Guru Ramana's photo as your profile photo.

First let me thank you for taking your valuable time for reading the posts and sharing your profound thoughts....

Yes....I know these trivial things are a distraction...it was indeed distracting me a lot....and I want to get away with the distraction! That's exactly why I wrote this post here.

Why write/share....
I consider writing as also one of my spiritual sadhanas, I don't think it's a waste of time. Because I'm on the path...and I'm trying to use everything on my way to reach the Destination!

And if I feel it's taking me away from Destination and I'm straying away, I'll stop writing...

Also, am happy that you found me as a silly writer...may be, I'm :-)

****It is one thing to split the 'myself' into 'my' and 'self' but its quite another to actually severe the 'my', 'me' and 'i'.

Thanks for your well-wishes my friend. I'm valuing your comment a lot!

Like to see you again :-)

manivannan said...

Let me be honest here....even after replying to you...your comment remains with me.... It's making me to introspect....it's is making me to be more focused in my spiritual path...Now I think my previous comment was a reaction, and I apologise if I had said something wrongly....

Now I want to sincerely thank you again for your comment. And am taking it as a guidance from Guru Ramana Himself.

As I mentioned, I'm considering writing as also a spiritual sadhana, so I take your comment as a sign of what I should be focussing more while writing. And I know my Krishna and my Gurus will always guide me rightly. Your comment itself is a proof for that :-)

manivannan said...

#A New Beginning

Thank you so much for assuring me that I was right, and understanding the reason of why we have to fight even for such small things Sana...

*****we see humanity sinking into the deep sea of darkness... ****everything that happens does not matter, until and unless it affects us severely and when we're hit hard, we start blaming the system.....

Very well said my friend! I couldn't agree with you more. Because that is what happening right now. One more reason I strongly feel for such things is that we really don't have Role Models to look forward to...

Now, I'm just wishing and praying that GOD may give us the strength and courage to play our roles rightly so that we may have a much better and brighter tomorrow :-)

manivannan said...


That's true... sometimes we realize its value only when we find ourselves shortage of it.

Thank you Swetha :-)

manivannan said...


That's really kind of you Sahana :-) If they really don't have then I think it's nothing wrong to let them have...

Thanks for finding the post as a moral, my friend!

manivannan said...


Thank you Deeps...I'm happy you found the post interesting :-)

Have a great time!

Amritbir Kaur said...

What a meaningful post indeed! How well you have put the attitude of unconcerned consumer' "My mind shouted; but I remained silent and walked away." We should speak up for ourselves. Though I liked the whole post, yet the most meaningful sentence was: "So, if someone cheats, he's cheating none but himself." How true! If we all realise this world would be a much better place to live in...
Its not that getting one rupee back would make us richer but it is the basic habit of shopkeepers which irks us no end...your attitued is not at all stingy...I fully agree with what you wrote.

Hema. said...

Way back in 1979,I purchased a bucket and the shop-keeper did not waive the 50paise change which I did not have at that moment and he asked me to bring it whenever I happened to come that side. Time passed and I could not go immediately due to work pressure but at the back of the mind the issue was alive.I considered it as a loan. Months later I went and returned him the coin and he was taken aback . He had completely forgotten about it and I still remember his amazed look and smile.
Mani, Values start at home. It is very important that parents take great care in bringing up the child
so that they become responsible citizens in the future.

அவனடிமை said...

I know this comment is not related to the subject matter of your posting.

However, your humility and the response to my comment makes me write this. BTW, your post title itself has some message. More on this later.

Bhagavan sends us message in many unexpected ways. For instance, yesterday I started watching a Tamil movie DVD when I should have continued and finished my daily chanting. Within a few initial scenes, Bhagavan's photo came up in a frame. Though I was pleasantly surprised and moved, it was not enough for me to discontinue. Within another few scenes a lady character responds back to the hero's question: "கடவுளுக்கு நன்றி சொல்றதையும் கண்ணீரோடதான் சொல்லணுமா?" ("should even gratitude to God be accompanied by tears?") like this: "கடவுளுக்கு கண்ணீரத் தவிர நம்மால என்ன கொடுக்க முடியும்?". ("other than tears, what else can we give to God?").

This time, the message was good enough. I promptly switched off the TV and went off to resume my chanting.

The message Bhagavan or SadGuru sends is always to get back to our Sadhana and be persistent in it. Sri. Ramakrishna Paramahamsar said "catch hold of God's Feet with both hands when you are not working; when you work, do it with one hand still catching the Feet with the other. When the work is over, use the other hand also to catch those Feet".

Here God, God's Feet, the act of 'catching' could all be safely replaced with whatever one's Sadhana is. If writing helps you focus on your true identity, why not use it as a Sadhanaa ?

Sadhana is nothing but cleaning our minds with whatever practice which helps us do it. Only a clean mind (which reacts less, which sways less with likes and dislikes, which worries less about past & future) can perceive the Truth which is: 'you are not who you believe you are'. An unclean mind will not 'get' this message even if it is repeatedly told.

//Also, am happy that you found me as a silly writer...may be, I'm :-)//

I meant myself when I said 'silly writer', not you.

BTW, all this info I am posting is not mine. They are collective wisdom from our ancient lore condensed and demonstrated by Sages like Sri. Ramakrishna, Bhagavan Sri. Ramana Maharshi & others. Pranams to their lotus Feet.

oh, your post's title:

"One Rupee matter(s)" - very nice play of words.

But re-examine this phrase closely:

Only 'One' matters - that is only 'One' is important. ('One' is the ever-existing Conciousness/Truth)

'Rupee' is only 'matter' - 'Rupee', which symbolizes "everything in this material world including our body & mind", is inert (in-sentient).

So, never mind the Rupee. It doesn't matter. Mind the 'One'. It matters.

All the best Manivannan. You are already 'Sada' (Always) 'Sivam' (Auspiciousness).

manivannan said...

#Amritbir Kaur

Thanks a ton Amritbir for your encouraging and supportive words...esp for assuring I'm not a stingy pig :-)

Am so glad u liked the post very much, and found it interesting! Also, I'd like to thank you again for pointing out the mistake in the post.

Have a happy weekend!

Anya said...

Thanks for those wonderful words
you are a great writer :)))
Interesting post !!

manivannan said...


I'm glad to see you again akka(Can I address you as akka?) :-) Thanks a lot for being a wonderful role model...and sharing your valuable experience here.

****I considered it as a loan.
I salute you for that! I sincerely wish all corrupted people out there would read this....if only people think such way, do we need a separate heaven other than our own Earth?

*****Values start at home.
Very well said! I completely agree with u....parents should imbibe values to their children by being a role model themselves, just like you akka :-) I'm so happy to have met u!

Have a happy weekend :-)

manivannan said...


I'm humbled, inspired and encouraged by your wonderful comment sir. Even if it's not related to this subject, what you've shared really matters! And it has indeed added beauty to this discussion. It's inspiring to know how God guides to pursuit your sadhana persistently .... Also, thanks for sharing Sri. Ramakrishna Paramahamsar's words...

***If writing helps you focus on your true identity, why not use it as a Sadhanaa ?

As I mentioned, I'm using it as a sadhanaa....my blog is by itself a constant reminder that I should be sincere in my pursuit....and if that inspires someone I feel very humble and motivated! And by God's Grace, I also meet very inspiring and wonderful people (like u :-)) here, who in someway or the other help in my spiritual journey.

About one-rupee-matter...
WOW! I'm filled with awe with your intelligent play of words and the meaning you conveyed....HIGHEST WISDOM! Thanks a lot adding so much value to the simple title :-)

But with due respect to your opinion, I would just like to share some of my thoughts and make myself more clear...actually even for me one-rupee- doesn't matter..for that matter money itself....but I wrote this post here, because it was not about my rupee but about their values; their honesty and truth; because in a country, where many great souls like Sri RAmakrishna, Guru Ramana, vallalar(O! Ever could one name them all!) have walked, seeing my own kith and kin falling and lying for for one-rupee only hurts me.... It's definitely not about money but about values and honesty.

Actually I quoted Guru Ramana for that only....because they are not cheating me...even if they deceit me, I'm not going to lose anything...because I know the truth that WHATEVER ONE DOES FOR OTHERS, HE'S DOING IT FOR HIMSELF...So in fact, anything I lose(if at all there is something to lose)I'll get it back in a way or the other. So, I was actually not bothered about the money....but their desire to cheat for one-rupee. It makes me worry....why humans(as u've beautifully quoted - 'you are not who you believe you are') who have DIVINE residing within them, cheat for one-rupee...that too in our country where infinite spiritual giants have lived(are living)!

I also read that even Gandhi once chastised his wife Kasturba for not showing proper accounts for a very trivial amount...Even, recently I read Guru Ramana Himself would use tiny bits of paper for writing...It really makes me wonder! Because such great souls are so careful that they shouldn't waste an iota more....(u must me knowing these incidents but I just wanted to share to convey my thoughts)...

They all did that because they want to be role models themselves...and also to show the importance of small things...

These incidents were not back in my mind while I wrote...
But they always tell me the value of integrity....

Also, I know, because of that we can't waste our time and fight with them for such trivial things....because its mere waste of time. But, I'm just worried at how our country is headed!

May be, I'd also have added more spiritual thoughts in the post...and I really thank you for giving me chance to share my thought here.

Again, my heartfelt thanks for taking you valuable time and writing such detailed comment with care and concern sir....Your presence is always appreciated. I'm really happy to have met you, and am simply inspired :-)

***I meant myself when I said 'silly writer', not you.

I'm sorry I misunderstood u sir...but...never mind...I'm also just a silly writer only :-))

manivannan said...


A warm welcome to my virtual home Anya! Thank you very much for ur kind visit and appreciation! Am glad you liked the post.

Have a great weekend!

Like to see u again. Plzz do keep visiting :-)

அவனடிமை said...

Dear Manivannan: Whenever Bhagavan was asked 'why there is so much misery/violence/lies/cheating/deception etc. are there in this world and what one should do about it' - his reply was simple: "Don't worry about the world; instead of going after the world - go after yourself - your true self - that is why you came here" - This not the exact question/answer but this is my understanding of the import.

Some devotees have pressed him further to explain what he means. But let me not go on and on. It may not appeal to your website visitors. However, you ( in fact all of us) may want to probe this further yourself:

What should be our approach to the world around us - things which appear/feel not alright - do we do something about them or not, and if yes, to what extent?

Again, very nice postings, all the best.

manivannan said...


Sir, I'll surely probe on the thought further....it's thought provoking! Also, I really like this approach of yours for making one introspect. Thank you again for sharing such profound thoughts of Guru Ramana.

May Bhagavan dispel our darkness!

Hema said...

avanadimai said " What should be our approach to the world around us?
Well, can we change the world? Can we ever change anybody? Instead of causing confusion in the minds of the people by trying to change ,a real leader is one who sets an example by living his own life according to the virtues set by B.Gita and be a role model to others. Accept people as they are because we are a mixture of three gunas- It is Nature.In spite of ourselves we do many things which we regret later.
Let everybody start from our own home by setting an example and the change will slowly and surely envelope the whole world.

Mani, thanks -I feel humbled . You write very well and your attitude and spiritual inclination is amazing.

manivannan said...


I think you both of them are sharing the same thoughts, though, in a slightly different manner :-) Change begins with oneself....As Gandhi said, let's be the change we wish to see this world!

Thanks once again for sharing your thoughts akka....I, too, am humbled by generous and kind words!

Princess said...

hey i find this mostly with bus conductors, they'll look at us as if we were doing something wrong its so bad la!!

best wishes,

manivannan said...


True....everyone who travels in bus would definitely agree with you, princess :-)

Thanks a lot for the read.

My best wishes to you, too!

அவனடிமை said...

@ Hema: Precisely. That we are this body/mind construct that changes all the time is the first, fundamental erroneous thought in ourselves.

Unable & unwilling to change this, who are we (& why should we try) to change this world, however it is ? We did not create it isn't it nor do we maintain it, then won't it be arrogance to think that 'it is not created and being maintained correctly' and hence needs 'my' intervention to change ?

In our environment, to the extent possible, if we leave a fragrance of love behind without the feeling 'I did it' and accept creation (including people with different philosophies/attitudes/shapes/colours/contrasts etc.) as it is, we may be one bit better than how we came here and could qualify/become fit enough to correct ourselves first.

All the best.

Satakopan said...

What you have said is right, cheating is bad, be it 100 crore or 1 Re. But you can rest relaxed. Every iota of Evil will be punished.

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