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Sunday, September 13, 2009


As I was listening to him, it struck me. For the first time in my life, I realized.

He is my colleague. His large, dark-framed glasses, graying hair and faded shirt underlined his retiring age.

“Now-a-days, if my son wants to talk to me, whatever be the job I’m doing, however important it may be, I just keep it aside, and talk to him patiently. It would be better, if I say, I listen to him patiently.”

He paused, sipping the hot steaming tea.

“Why, sir? Is anything wrong?”

My amateurish question was brushed away in his smile.

“The time we spend with our children is very less. After they come back home from school, they are engrossed in playing video games or watching TV. When they study, my house is drenched in tears, watching daily soaps. Then, I spend my time watching news channels, and go to bed. I felt each one of us was like an island, though living in the same house.

School-life is the only time children are close to us. The only time they come back home everyday. After that, when it comes to college, career…they start moving away. From then on, they are another guest in our home.

Deep inside, I feared, if I don’t spend time with them now, then never will I be able to get closer with them. There would certainly be an invisible veil between us, forever.

He took a deep breath, “Age, you know…” and continued, “So even if my son talks about very trivial things, I listen attentively. Even, if he interrupts while I’m working seriously, I don’t lose my nerve. On the other hand, my son is also happy, and shares everything with me; about his friends, teachers, and sometimes even about his girlfriends.”

He chuckled, winking at me.

“Since my approach with him has changed, I can see a difference in him, too. He also thinks that he should make me happy, and concentrates more on his studies - than before. Though, I was never very strict about his academics.

Now, we both are like friends. Next year, he will be off to college. Far away. Though I’m happy now, I regret for not being like this from his childhood.”

In a meditative tone, he added, “Every father would have this fear, at least when their hair begins to grey.”

He touched the silver hairs in his head, and drank the last of his now cold-tea, in a gulp.

“I think my long impromptu must have bored you, young man!” and left hurriedly without knowing what it had done to me.

I moved to my cabin. Without giving a second thought, I took my mobile and called my father.

“Tell me, kanna…What happened? Was your resignation accepted? His voice was restrained but anxious.

“No pa…I’m not going to put in my papers.”

“…..” He was silent.

“I have decided to be here….in India. I’ve changed my decision.”

“….Is’t true? Why? What happened? Whenever we said you refused, but now suddenly….What’s the reason. Met any girl?”

“No pa! I just understood…" I paused, and added, "the friend in you!”


My dear reader, can you hear my father and mother’s gleeful voices filling the air?


This fiction was originally written in Thamizh, and was translated to English by none other than my Self :-).


shri ramesh sadasivam said...

Well written story Mani. Keep it up!

KParthasarathi said...

Beautiful translation ans wonderful story.A stray talk in the office triggered the making of a vital decision in young man's life bringing joy and happiness to his parents.Very well narrated and the surprise end was totally unexpected

Anonymous said...

Hi Mani,
This one was, you know, a piece of all our lives!!
Thanks for such a nice work..Really thought provoking..Loved it.

Shravan said...

that was great buddy.. awesome.. on a personal note, me and my dad :) its just like that :) well done mani, cheers

madhuri said...

**From then on, they are another guest in our home.

My grand father used to tell me this, when i had to stay away from home for the first time..Its been nine years that i'm staying away from home..in hostels etc...I can understand how it feels exactly...

and the decision not to leave parents was fantastic and my best wishes with the decision...

Good one..:)

Keep expressing :)

venus66 said...

This is what exactly my husband and I were talking last night.
Well said, Mani.Thank you.

Sneha said...

wow u r so good in writing stories.:)

really nice one.:)

Ayesha Parveen said...

Beautifully written..showing both the parent's and the offspring's reactions.

Best wishes :)

A New Beginning said...

Beautiful Mani:) You know even when you translate something its very imp and difficult to get the right essence in it , the ones that lay in the orginal, and you have done a commendable job. Thanks for translating such a beautiful piece in a wonderful way :) I applaud each time I meet the writer in you.
Have a great week ahead!

Vishwanath Seshadri said...

Nice post, Mani... Made me reflect on my own approach.. And gave me food for thought.. It is not only the time we spend together that matters, but also what we do in that time.. If we are merely together physically, but engrossed in our respective activities, it is as if we are not together....

thanks very much..

Cyrus Rumi said...

We can all reflect upon this story...thank you for sharing this insight with all of us:)

Namaste to you, brother.


Whirlwind said...

Amazing story Mani!!!!

manivannan said...

#shri ramesh sadasivam

Thanks anna. Will surely try to :-)

manivannan said...


Thanks a ton for your appreciative comments sir. I really value them as it comes from a wonderful story teller himself :-)

Actually, a stray talk in my previous office inspired me to write this post sir :-)

Have a nice time!

manivannan said...

#a tint of mist

Am really glad to know that the story is a part of all our lives :-)

Much thanks for liking it Hasna.


manivannan said...


I'm happy for you shravan. Not all dads are like that :D You're indeed fortunate :-)

manivannan said...


Welcome to my blog madhuri :D

I'm really glad to know that your grandpa had said those lines. Actually, when my brother went to college, my dad told me that dialogue :-)

Thank you so much for your appreciative words and sharing your thoughts. I'd like to see you again.

Keep coming back!

manivannan said...


That's really interesting to know Venus. I'm sure your children are blessed :-)

Take care!

manivannan said...


Thank a ton for assuring me sneha :-) Glad you liked it!

Have a nice time :-)

manivannan said...

#Ayesha Parveen

Thank you ayesha :-) Your comments are appreciated, always :-)

manivannan said...

#A New Beginning

Thanks a million sana :-) I'm really glad to know that I've translated without losing the essence...

Your comments are always a source of inspiration!

You too, have a great week ahead :-)

manivannan said...

Vish...I'm humbled to know that the story made you to reflect...at the same time, I feel, I'm honoured :-)

Thank you very much.

manivannan said...

#Cyrus Rumi

Namaste, my brother, Cyrus :-)

The pleasure is all mine :D I'm really glad you liked it.

Take care!

manivannan said...


Thanks swetha :-)

Mustaf said...

Thanks for your visit on my blog:)

This was such a nice story & as you rightly said before, we are liking each other's writings very much and so the tastes are too similar as you appreciated my blog picture. And this story is so close to my heart..I have been staying away from my parents for the past 6-7 years and I know exactly how they must be feeling. You also gave me a lesson as how I should interact with my kids when I will be parent..that was really awesome..:)

Rush said...

ur post touched my heart!!
man, totally proud of ur decision mani, u make all ur readers proud.
will call up mom now..u have created a chain reaction :)

Anonymous said...

This is just beautiful & strikes a chord...lovely reading!

manivannan said...


I'm really happy to see u again mustaf :-) And am immensely glad to know that you found the story valuable. I, too, am away from my parents for about 7 years, again, like you :D

Thanks a lot for your appreciative comment.

Have a great weekend!

manivannan said...


Thanks for the heartwarming comment Rush :-) I'm happy that I'd created a chain reaction :D

Have a nice time!

manivannan said...

:: flyingstars ::

Thanks a lot for the read Kalyan. Your comment makes me happy :-)


Amritbir Kaur said...

A very and nice meaningful story. And I must say, very well translated!

manivannan said...

#Amritbir Kaur

Thanks a lot for finding the time and reading it Amritbir. Am glad you liked it. And I value your comments a lot :-)

ஜீவா (Jeeva Venkataraman) said...

That was very moving indeed!

manivannan said...

#ஜீவா (Jeeva Venkataraman)

Vanakkam Jeeva! Welcome to my virtual home :-) Thank you very much for your appreciative comments. Am glad to know you were touched by the story.

And Special Thanks for cheering me!!!

Will soon visit your blog :-) thanks again! Do keep visiting!