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Monday, August 3, 2009


Recently, I stumbled upon this song in Youtube, which gave me the guts to post a song, I wrote a long time before :-).

First, enjoy the PACMAN FEVER SONG!

Now, enjoy my PACMAN SONG ;-)

Pacman is the game I play on PC

Because the controls are so easy

But the ghosts are there always chasing

Keeping the Pacman away from munching

Eating the power pills let the ghosts fall ill

Making the Pacman free on his own will

So go home and switch on your PC

And play the game until you go crazy!


Shravan | ശ്രവണ്‍ said...

that was funny :) so mani can write posts that would make one smile too :) cheers mani :)

Sneha said...

maney bhi behot khela hai computer lab mai.;)

Rush said...

i feel the same for Pacman and truly admire a poets take on pacman!!

lakshmi said...

Hi Mani
yes an interesting game
never know where the time flies when playing the same
oh and the poem is so nice to read
good day

A New Beginning said...

Thats interesting Mani!Thanks!

Rakesh Vanamali said...

lol! I've some very fond memories associated with Pacman!

Good lines here!

And hey, good to know U schooled at Coonoor & KTG...... I'm basically from Ooty and did a large part of my schooling there!

Miss the place!!!

manivannan said...

#Shravan | ശ്രവണ്‍

:-) :-) :-)

manivannan said...


mey hindi neyi bolum :(

sorry snehna couldn't understand what u said... could u translate plzz?


manivannan said...


Thank you for accepting me as a poet rush :D Am happy you liked it. Your comments are always encouraging. Thanks again.

Have a nice time :-)

manivannan said...


Ah! Nice rhyming akka :-) Thanks for the read.

manivannan said...

#A New Beginning

Am happy to know you found that interesting sana. Thanks, and aroha :-)

manivannan said...

#Rakesh Vanamali

Welcome Rakesh :-) Great to see u here! Am happy you liked the post.

And it's really nice to know you're from Ooty. GREAT! BTW which school did u study?

Yeah...I too miss my lovely hometown :-(

Do come again!

workhard said...


Its my all time favorite...

Work from home

Cyrus Rumi said...

Very interesting brother!!!!:):)...my reflexes are too slow for such computer games!!!!:)

Have a great day.


Amritbir Kaur said...

very rhythmic lines indeed! A nice portrayal of technology through poetry.

manivannan said...


A warm welcome to my virtual home friend :-)

Great to know that Pacman is your all time favourite!!! It's my favorite too.

Thanks for your lovely comments. Plz do come again!

Happy blogging!

manivannan said...

#Cyrus Rumi

:-) That's really good brother. I'm really happy to know that. Truth is even I don't play much computer games :( pacman is an exception :D

Have a great weekend!


manivannan said...

#Amritbir Kaur

Thank you for your appreciative comment Amritbir. Now I'm assured :-)


venus66 said...

Never tried before. :) Maybe I should. :)

manivannan said...


Oh dear friend you've wasted half of your Life :D

Just kidding Venus.... :-) Give it a try, I'm sure you'll like it!

Take care!

Vishwanath Seshadri said...

Now you know why I have pacman in my blog spot... It is such an irresistable game and so addictive !!

manivannan said...

#Vishwanath Seshadri

ha! ha! So you're also a pacman addict, ah?! Great!!! I'm happy to know that :D