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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

An inmate in my mansion greeted me, 'Independence Day Wishes' and said, "Last night there was heavy rain. I always wonder how it rains every independence day!".

Surprised by his observation, I asked, "Is it so?"

He added, "Yes, many times I've observed...not just in Chennai, even in North (he is from Orissa), whenever we hoist our flag, it rains!"

I chuckled saying, " May be, at least, the rain remembers the sacrifice and the pain of our freedom fighters." He smiled.

I'm really not sure whether it rains every Independence day in India. But I'm very sure and sad that we have forgotten the sacrifices made, the blood spilled, the lives lost for us to breathe free air.

India's Independence is unique and glorious in all ways. Our freedom fight was not just about a country's independence but it was about Truth, Peace and Love. It was about awakening the Divine in everybody's heart.

We got our freedom by turning our cheek. It's our country, who practiced what Jesus Christ preached.

Let's be proud to be an Indian. Lets' be proud of our Independence, and remember the glories of our freedom fight!

Vande Matharam!


A New Beginning said...

Hey Mani! I totally agree with your friend..it rains on every Independence day:)except for last year...I always wait for it to rain..its as if the heavens celebrate the day with us. If we look at it...uniting a vast and diverse country like India and then together fighting for the Independence of the country was a big thing..a historical act that left a deep impact in the pages of Indian History...and the day we celebrate till date and have every reason to do so :) A very Happy Independence Day to you..I am happy to know an Indian like you, who understands how important it is to fight for ones rights!!

lakshmi said...

very true Mani
Look at the way we are handling the independence of our country.
we have totally forgotten the sacrifices the freedom fighters made.

KParthasarathi said...

It is a nice reminder to all of us of the values that informed the freedom fighters in their great struggle.very nicely and differently written

Creativity!! said...

Very Extremely Best Excellent Post :D
I Came Here Through, KParthasarthi Sir, Post :D

Great Blog With Great Posts :D Wil Be Back Soon To Read Other Posts :D

deeps said...

interesting ...
today i thought i will make up for my delay visiting all my friends' blogs, but none -- that includs me -- had a take on this topic!!

great going ...

WarmSunshine said...

hey mani!!!!

happy independence day to you too :)

coming back here after a long time, my apologies... how have you been?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Very thoughtful post..Even i'm not sure of the rain ..but i got surprised at that observation..

You've got a nice blog..

I'm here through Partha's Blog..Glad i picked up your blog..:)Will visit often to catch up more.

Thank you

Sneha said...

Even my mom believes that it rains on every independence day and this time even when there was drought like situation in U.P even then it rained in Mathura.

nice post and well written as usual.

have a nice day.:)

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Mani:)

You have touched upon many thought provoking points which made me think.

The sacrifices made by our freedom fighters is something amazing for the simple reason they refused to fight but were ready to die for the country. This is very unique for until then no country got independence by non violent methods. Our freedom fighters were ready to take the beating and bullets and lay down their lives for the sake of freedom. Most of the youngsters of today were born in Independent India and they are able to hold their heads high and compete with the world on equal terms. We have become an economic super power to reckon with. In all fields we have made rapid advances and our professionals are valued all over the world. Our beauty queen proved to the world that India has not only brains but brains with abundant beauty:) I read in the news papers that freedom fighters pension is being enhanced. In todays news paper I read that an old British jail in Fort Kochi , which housed freedom fighters is thrown open for public view.

It is awe inspiring that our freedom fighters under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi showed the other cheek to the British. An unarmed man not ready to fight with the aggressor and prepared to show the other cheek is something unique and unexpected. How can the British fight with such people? How many people can they wantonly kill in cold blood? They are also human beings and subject to international criticism. How much Indian blood can they shed and how many Indians can they kill? The more they killed there were more and more men and women and children coming forward to die. They were forced to give us freedom not because they liked it but because they had no other choice. Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King are great believers in Gandhian non violent methods.

The photo is gorgeous.

You post is wonderful and much can be written.

Have a nice day Mani

manivannan said...

#A New Beginning

Firstly, thanks for assuring it rains sana...it's something very special. Also am gladdened & surprised to know that you wait for the rain...it's indeed a blessing from heaven :-)

And I, too, am very happy to have you as my friend... Thanks again for sharing your noble thoughts.

manivannan said...


That's really saddening akka...Even if we remember our freedom struggle, there will certainly be a difference in the way we act and think. But who cares to think, nah?

manivannan said...


Thank you sir :-)

manivannan said...


Welcome here dear friend! Thanks a lot for your kind visit and appreciative comment. Am really glad that you liked my blog.

I'm looking forward your visits :-) My every post will surely await for your comments :D So, plzzz do keep coming back :-)

Will soon visit your blog :D

manivannan said...


Then, I should say I'm lucky :D Am happy you found this post interesting deeps. Thanks for your wonderful visit.

manivannan said...


Thank you Mehreen :-) It's GREAT to you see here... I'm well and good :D It's really sweet of you to apologise my friend :-) I understand, at times, we all have our own priorities. But, honestly, I missed your lovely comments :(
And from now on I'll start expecting them again :D

Thanx again for your surprise visit :-)

Take care!

manivannan said...


Welcome Vyshu :-) Thanks a lot for your wonderful visit. Am really glad your liked my blog :-) I'd definitely like to see you again...do keep coming back. Will visit your blog very soon....

And special thanks for cheering me :D

Happy blogging!

manivannan said...


That's interesting to know...
So your mother too has observed... It's really something very special, no?!

Anyways, I'm really happy that it rained in many places in India, especially, at a time, when monsoons have failed.

Thanks sneha

You, too, have a wonderful time :-)

manivannan said...

#Joseph Pulikotil

Though considering India as a economic superpower is something questionable, I agree with most of your valuable thoughts :-) I think, India should concentrate on agriculture and inclusive growth, which is really far from what is happening today.

Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts and insights....

Have a good time sir!

Vishwanath Seshadri said...

Lovely post Mani and sorry for the late response... I simply loved the picture of the flower that you have added..

manivannan said...

#Vishwanath Seshadri

Absolutely no probs vish! Yeah, I too loved this picture a lot :-)

And special thanx for *cheering* me!