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Friday, July 10, 2009

I am a rock

Dear friends,

Firstly, let me sincerely thank each one of you for the support and encouragement you gave for our fight for justice.
I was touched by your care and concern, and am grateful for that. I have saved the post-police episode for my next post. All I can say now is, by Krishna's Grace, we have made the Choolaimedu police inspector, Dr. Selvakumar, sub-inspector, Mr. Radhakrishnan, and the mansion owner and his gang realize we are not like other guys, who will give up for their barking threats.

Also, I am extremely sorry for not visiting your blogs, for not replying your mails, and for failing to keep the promises I made. I know you all are too good, and will excuse me :-).
And now that I'm back, I promise to catch up with your posts very soon.

Yesterday, accidentally, I landed in a lovely blog, which encourages writers to unleash their creativity, no matter what form it takes. I am really happy, I visited it, since it has made me to resume blogging :-).

Visit that beautiful blog, you may also be inspired to write!

I wrote and posted this poem in that blog, and am also sharing it with you all. Please leave your wonderful comments, as always.

Image courtesy: http://www.pbase.com/cyndycat


I live...

I am a rock.


Ayesha Parveen said...

Hi Mani!

Welcome back! This is a beautiful creation: a few words and so much conveyed!

Jesus had called Peter his rock upon which the Church of faith would be built.

May you be the rock upon which Krishna will build something of great value. As your friend, I will rejoice that day.

Hare Krishna!

Ayesha Parveen said...
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KParthasarathi said...

Wow.It leaves me happy

lakshmi said...

That is a beautiful composition Mani
Glad to have you back.

Best wishes to you

venus66 said...

Glad to hear from you again. I am happy for you. Take care.

A New Beginning said...

Hey! Welcome back!Good to see a post from u!The poems amazing, few words but very deep:)
Stay inspired and motivated to write,you're doing a great job and your endeavours have inspired many including me!Thanks! Happy Blogging!:)

My World... said...

hey lord krishnas child....
gr8 2 c dat u r bck...sorry 4 nt visitn ur blog frm a long long tym...hop u hav a gr8 stay at bloggr!!!!
Krishna will bless you....

Vishwanath Seshadri said...

Good to see you back Mani and with a bang !!

Keep rocking and best wishes for your fight..


surjit said...

'Rocking' composition.Thanks for sharing.

manivannan said...

#Ayesha Parveen

Thanks a lot for your blessings and wishes Ayesha. I feel humble and at the same time very fortunate to receive them from an inspiring Krishna's devotee :-) Your comment brightens my heart and inspires me to be more sincere in my spiritual practices.

Let your words come true. Pray for me dear friend :-)

Take care!

manivannan said...


I too am glad for making you happy sir. Aroha :-)

manivannan said...


Thanks for the read and wishes akka. Have a great time :-)

manivannan said...


Thank you venus. That makes me happy too :-)


manivannan said...

#A New Beginning

Thanks a ton for the heartwarming comment sana :-) I'm always encouraged and inspired by your words...And I feel blessed to have friends like you.

Thanks again for your constant support :-)

Happy blogging!

manivannan said...

#My World...

I'm all smiles rugma :-) Welcome back. I'm glad to see you here. Hope you're doing well and good. Much thanks for your wishes, and also for the *sweet* words.

Like to read your posts...blog soon :-)

smiles & wishes

manivannan said...

#Vishwanath Seshadri

Thanks for the read and wishes Vish. I'm happy to receive them :-)

Happy blogging!

manivannan said...


Thank you surjit ji. I'm happy you liked it :-)

Have a nice time!

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Mani:)


A few carefully selected words and you composed a wonderful poem with profound meaning. The shape of the poem is truly amazing.

I agree you are a rock. No one can shake you, bully you, threaten you. You are as solid as a rock. The mansion owner and his gang will understand that in due course.

Have a lovely day Mani:)

Amritbir Kaur said...

A very meaningful composition in few words!

manivannan said...

#Joseph Pulikotil

Greetings sir :-) It's always great to read your cheerful comments. I'm happy you liked the poem. And sir that was just a coincidence...But I truly wish to be like the rock.

Thanks a lot for the read and encouragement :)


manivannan said...

#Amritbir Kaur

Welcome Amritbir :-) Thanks for your appreciative comment. I'm happy you liked it.

Do come again :-)

Happy blogging!

Femin Susan said...

Good to see you back. Keep writing..

manivannan said...

#Femin Susan

Thanks you friend :)


Blue Moon said...

Hello Mani,

First of all THANKS A TONNE FOR VISITING MY BLOG & leaving such a sweet comment. I’ll look forward to your responses on my blog.
I enjoyed reading it………
Keep writing such STUFFS……………..
Do visit my blog regularly, as your comments r really precious.
Keep Smiling………….


manivannan said...

#Blue Moon

Welcome Manjari. I'm glad you liked my blog. Thanks a lot for your visit and appreciative comment.

Your posts were really wonderful, so the pleasure is all mine :-) I'll surely visit your blog, regularly.

And, I too, value your precious comments and loads of encouragement, so plzzz do keep coming back :-)

Have a wonderful time!

workhard said...

Awesome post..

Will definitely return to read more.

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manivannan said...


You're always welcome my friend :-) My every new post will await for your lovely comments!!!

Thanks again for your wonderful visit and encouraging comments. Will visit your blog soon...

Take care!