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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fighting For Justice

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How many movies have you seen, where a common man (read a good citizen), going to lodge a complaint in the police station, getting assaulted, harassed, and ill-treated by the police for no fault of his own? Many, ah?!

Now, I am going to tell you one such true incident, not has a witness but as a victim. Yes! This is an account of a true incident happened (happening) in my life.

I am living with my elder brother, Ramesh in Saravanam Mansion at Choolaimedu in Chennai for over a year. Some eight months back the water provided to us began to emanate foul odour. We, along with many inmates, complained to the Mansion owner many times about the water problem, but he showed lukewarm interest and never did anything about it.

So, we took the sample water to the TamilNadu Water Supply and Drainage Board (TWAD) for testing. The result only proved that the water was fecally contaminated (36 units in 100ml). We took a photo copy of the certificate and showed it to the owner, who laughed at it and said, "Okay, I'll do something for your satisfaction." But he never did anything to improve the water quality.

A few of our mansion inmates identified that the cause of the problem was a
single motor pump, which sucked sewage water. Because when this particular pump was not used, we absolutely had no problem with the water. So, along with many people, we requested the owner to stop using the pump. Though he agreed to this request, he was more worried about the lifetime of the pump, and continued to use it on alternate days, mostly without our knowledge.

This became a major problem for us. Our health was affected. A few people vacated the mansion. Many became used to it. My brother and I, and a few others, stopped using the pipe water and started using the hand pump for bathing and other purposes. But we simply couldn't digest that we pay only bath in fecally contaminated water.

Because of our personal and work commitments, we were not able to search for a new place. Moreover, we felt that this was not our personal problem but a problem affecting more than hundred youngsters. So my brother got the signatures of the inmates and sent a registered post to the owner, but he refused to get the post.It came back to us. He was completely heedless to all our requests and pleas.

So, left with no other option, we decided to take the matter to Consumer Protection Cell(CPC) in Chennai. My brother filed the complaint. Mr. Rajaraman I.A.S of CPC sent an acknowledgment letter stating that they had forwarded the issue to the Metro Water Department, Electricity Board
(we also had problems of electricity fluctuation), and Corporation of Chennai to investigate the issue. A copy was also sent to the owner through the post, which was again sent back.

After that, the owner began to threaten us and asked us to vacate the mansion. He refused to take rent from us for the past three months, and asked us to vacate.

But, last Friday, my brother found that the Internet was suddenly not connecting. When he checked out, he discovered that the telephone wire that goes out through the window was cut off from outside, when he had not been in the room. He called and informed me from the land line nearby and went back to the room. I was in my office. It made me worry since my brother was alone there.

As I worried, something happened. The mansion owner, his son, watchman and a stout guy (unknown to us) had come to the room and threatened my brother that his very life will be in danger if he goes to the consumer court. They asked my brother to vacate the mansion and tried to assault him physically. Freeing himself from their clutches, my brother escaped and ran all the way to the police station for safety. He didn't even lock the room's door and wear slippers.

After reaching the police station in Choolaimedu, he had explained everything to the police constables. In the meantime, the foursome had locked the room and followed my brother to the police station. As soon as they entered, they ordered tea for all the policemen, and began to badmouth about my brother and said that he had not payed the rent for three months and not vacating the mansion.

Immediately, the police constables had said that only if you pay the rent, we can proceed with your complaint. So my brother called me from a constable's mobile, and asked me to come to the station.
Panicked, I rushed there. It was around 12.30 PM. Then, I got the key from the police and hurried to the room. Took the money, we had kept in the room, and went to the ATM nearby, and drew all the balance amount.

Then, I reached the police station with the money. I gave the amount to the police, who then handed it over to the mansion owner. After that my brother asked to take a complaint against the mansion owner for threatening him and cutting off the telephone wire. The constable asked to write the complaint. My brother wrote a detailed complaint and gave it to them.
Meantime, I called and informed my office that I had an unexpected problem and will be coming back in an hour.

When my brother asked for the receipt for acknowledgment, the writer asked us to meet the Inspector, who was standing in front of the police station. So we both went to him with the complaint and started to explain our problem. But, the inspector never listened to what we said and asked us to vacate the mansion. He scolded my brother for looking at his name badge, and shouted, "What are you a big shot? Go complain where ever you like? I am afraid of nobody?" When I asked him, "Sir, what's wrong in simply looking at the badge?" he hit me on my face, and tried to beat me more. My brother who came to my rescue was also beaten by him.

Then, the police manhandled us and started to treat us roughly.
Though we kept requesting him to read the complaint at least once and then proceed further, the inspector never listened. We were surrounded by many policemen. They kept on insisting that we should vacate the mansion. All our explanations were fruitless. Our mobile phone was confiscated by them. We were not allowed to make any calls after that. I was not even able to inform my office. We were asked to sit inside the station, and was told that the Inspector will be back by 4 PM. The mansion owner and their gang were allowed to go home.

Till evening 7PM, we were simply sitting inside the station. Again the Sub Inspector called and started to persuade us to vacate the mansion. Sometimes he pleaded us. Sometimes he threatened us. Sometimes he spoke friendly. Sometimes he cajoled us. But he was persistent that we should give it in writing that we will vacate the mansion, and will not go to the court.
When my brother insisted to register the complaint and give us a receipt, he took him by his collar and pushed him away.

All our explanations and requests were in vain. Disheartened, we had to write and give what he told us. Only, when I was writing, he came to know that I had just come to give the money to my brother. Then, we came back to the room.

My brother and I were
assaulted, harassed, and ill-treated by the police for no fault of us. My brother is a engineering graduate, a short film/documentary director, and an aspiring film director. He is working hard to realize his dreams. I am working in a reputed organization in Chennai. Moreover, many bloggers who visit both our blogs, would have known that we both are socially conscious persons.

I am saying this because when educated people, like us, are treated like third rated fellows, imagine the situation of illiterates?
Firstly, do the police have the right to assault a person, that too, who has come to his aid? Are the police there to serve only the wealthy and powerful? Should we drop in names of VIPS and big shots to lodge a complaint? Can't a common man approach the police even when his very life is at threat? Don't we have the rights to approach the consumer court? Should we keep vacating mansions, if we don't get proper services? What are courts and police stations for?

Many questions kept boiling in us that night.

"To run away from danger, instead of facing it, is to deny one's faith in man and God, even one's own self. It were better for one to drown oneself than live to declare such bankruptcy of faith."

More than ever, these immortal lines of Mahatma Gandhi came has aid. So, we decided to seek justice. We decided to fight against the injustice done to us.

My brother approached the City Chief commissioner Mr.K. Rajendran, on Wednesday, and has lodged the complaint. He had instructed the Assistant Commissioner of Police to personally inquire and take appropriate action. We have also registered a complaint in the State Human Rights Commission.

Mahatma also says "You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty."

With faith, hope and trust, we are waiting for justice.
P.S. Dear friends, more than ever, we need your support, guidance and voice. I welcome your valuable guidance and suggestions. Do leave your precious comments, as always. You can also mail me: [manikrsna@gmail.com]


venus66 said...

Hi, I read this post many times. I just don't know what to say. I feel so sorry. I believe the State Human Right Commission will take the appropriate action.Be patient. God Bless.

Ayesha Parveen said...

Hi Mani,

Sad to read your post. All I can say is, have faith in Krishna, do your best and leave the result to Him.

Best wishes to you, my friend.


lakshmi said...

Hi Mani
really sad plight of the citizens.......
we assume such situations happen only on reel screen.....your posting is an eye opener to many that such incidents does happen in real life too.
Glad that you posted this in your blog...and hope it reaches many a reader.

KParthasarathi said...

the steps you hv taken are in order.I hope justice would be meted out.Go thro proper channels

A New Beginning said...

It takes time for justice to come our way but it does. You'll get justice and that too very soon. Youve been brave and have stood for your rights, something that not many would do. Just dont leave hope, God is with you.

Anonymous said...

To be frank I am not here to comment on this post..here i am to say that Your poem posted on Shravan's blog was really really superb..I wonder why u write more pros than poetry here..

manivannan said...


Hi venus!

We too hope so. The sad thing is the process is very slow. We are trying our level best to take appropriate action against those irresponsible police officers. At least then, they will have some fear if somebody comes to them.

Thanks a lot friend for your heartfelt comment and blessing. We are just patiently waiting now :-)

manivannan said...


Such incidents are very common in real life akka. The sad thing is they don't come to limelight. I just want to say that to the world. That's why I wrote this post. Thanks a lot for your comment.

manivannan said...

#Ayesha Parveen

KRISHNA is our only faith and strength Ayesha ji. As he had said, without bothering about results we are now fighting. The rest, of course, is in Krishna hands. In fact, deep in my heart, I know it is His leela :)

Thank you for instilling faith and hope.

manivannan said...


Thank you for assuring us sir. By God's Grace, we're exactly doing the same.

manivannan said...

#A New Beginning

Thanks a ton for your encouraging words sana. I'm happy to read your comment. Yes, the process is really slow. That's a big problem. But, as you said, God is with us, and we are waiting with hope. Let's see what happens friend :-)

manivannan said...

#slow processor

That's fine fathima, as long as you appreciate me :D

Just joking friend...thanks a lot for dropping by and encouraging me. I'm happy to know that someone expects me to write more poems :-) And I will surely write...

Truth is prose or poems, I don't decide, it just happens :-)

And special thanks for *cheering* me!

Sneha said...

felt bad after going through the whole incident. Your conduct has been very brave through out the whole episode leave everything to God.
Take care of yourself and your brother.

Femin Susan said...

I just don't know what to say. I feel so sorry. thanks for sharing....

Cyrus Rumi said...

I was deeply saddened, brother, by your story...whatever you do, the action you take, do it with a pure heart...no hate, or ill-will to those perpetuating injustice...pursue your truthful goals with a deep sense of calm, purpose and inner faith...the journey will then become easy for you and your brother, etc.,...and the antagonists will be consumed by the fires they have created themselves...

Namaste brother,


manivannan said...

# Sneha

Thank you sneha for those words of comfort. With God in our side, we are now fighting against those anti-social elements. Let's see what happens...

And actually it's my brother who takes care of me, always :-)

manivannan said...

#Femin Susan

Thanks for the read friend. I too wanted everyone to know how the police is misusing their power...and failing to do their duty.

manivannan said...

#Cyrus Rumi

Dear brother, thanks a lot for your words of wisdom and support. As you said, I or my brother have no ill-will against anyone ...it's just that we are fighting for our rights, and the people responsible are failing to do their duty.

"the antagonists will be consumed by the fires they have created themselves..." Thanks once again for these words and instilling faith.

My World... said...

hey frnd...
i am so sorry abt ur situatn...n im sad dat im late....
i hope u gt justice.....
lets hold hands against ths injustice...
take care!!!!

manivannan said...

#My World

That's fine rugma...As you say, we must hold hands against injustice...and with God's help we are doing that. Let's see how things unfold. Thank you for your support and concern.

Celestial devil said...

To know what is right and not to do is cowardice...You did the right thing mate...Hope things wont happen in the future..!

manivannan said...

#Celestial devil

Exactly brother. I love that wonderful quote of Gamdhi, which inspires me, always. Thanks a lot for your assuring words.

Have a nice time :-)

Prasanna Kumar said...

Mr. Ramesh I normally don’t spend time on reading posts made on blogs which are too long but with this particular post I did read it till the end and I think I should owe it to your narration style, I happened to read your profile and I am sure that you would make a very good director.
You seem to be spiritually inclined here is something that might be of some interest to you, you would find a link to a video at the bottom of this post, I made this video with all the pictures that I managed to get on the web, it’s a wonderful speech by Mr. Rajnikanth on Bhakthi.
Back to the interesting experience that you been through in these last few Months, I must say that what you have been through is more than interesting, I can say for sure that the most corrupt government department in Tamil Nadu is the Tamil Nadu police department and Chennai Traffic police department and there are too many uniformed scoundrels to prove me right, every guy in Chennai who owns a two wheeler will have a story to tell about the Traffic PCs and their thirst for bribe. I had to pay a fine of Rupees 300 to the policemen driving the patrol car belonging to the police station adjacent to the Marina Beach Light house, just because I was with my friends hanging out in marina beach on Saturday night and one of my friend wasn’t carrying his bike insurance papers though he had the other documents.
Well on that day we were just there to enjoy the cool night sea breeze and nothing more but the police men treated us like miscreants, they made us feel bad and made us realize the true nature of Indian democracy, its what they perceive as that counts but not what you really are, now to me it seems like democracy is an illusion which we are made to believe is real, but incidents like these gets you in touch with the reality and makes you realize that something is wrong with the system. It’s a different story that I am quite skeptical about the reasons behind the concept called insurance and making the vehicular insurance mandatory through an government ordinance is something that I don’t agree with, I am not in favor of the policies such as this one which allows the state to raise money, I firmly believe that taxation should be the only ethical way the state should be allowed to raise money.
On that night one of the policemen said that we could leave by paying a fine of Rupees 300 for which we weren’t given any receipt, I have noticed one thing with all these corrupt policemen the moment they take the money from you they become your best well wishers, on another incident just like this one a Traffic police man advised me to carry my helmet the next day because they had planned to conduct a massive traffic violation checking the next day, he even told me the names of the roads in which they will be busy, one name comes to my Mind its Ganapathy swamy he is a traffic sergeant belonging to the ice house police station, he is one of the most corrupt Traffic police personnel you would find in Chennai, I really enjoyed nagging him after he asked for rupees 1500 for I wasn’t carrying my driving license on that day, I did tell him that I would ask someone to bring my license but he tried to frame another violation of over speeding on me, and that was it, I gave him rupees 1500 and he gave me a receipt for it which I knew was a fake one, it’s a known fact that these traffic PCs carry fake receipt books printed by them, so after 5 mins when he was about to leave I asked him for the receipt, his entire attitude changed after that, he understood what was going in my mind, he called an auto driver and made him stand as a witness and gave back my 1500 saying that he had never seen a DL case like me“ Rules are not the solution to any problem, more rules lead to corruption”.