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Monday, March 30, 2009

Hey! I'm there!

Hi all,

How are you? I hope everyone are doing great and have published some wonderful posts. I'm really sorry for not visiting your blogs. My work kept me occupied for the past few days. I was so busy that even in the spare time, my dumb mind refused to do anything else other than watching movies :D ...So just went with the flow of life... This post is just to say, "Hey! I'm there, very much alive, breathing all day and night :)"

If we don't justify our actions or give reasons to what we are doing, the skeptical mind in us wouldn't be satisfied, am I right? So I am sharing with you a Chinese adage that may justify me for not visiting your blogs.

"A man who sits by river all day, and doesn't think its a waste of time, is a wise man"

Hope you will find my reason reasonable :) But, believe me, I am raring to visit your blogs, will do it no time. Till then, bye...Take care all!




KParthasarathi said...

The trouble with doing nothing is that you never know when you are finished.Luckily to our good fortune you seem to know!!

venus66 said...

Good that you know what YOU are doing. Hope to read you soon. Take care.

Princess said...

very nice.. breaks indeed are needed to refresh your thoughts

A New Beginning said...

excellent idea!Thanks for the inspiration:)

lakshmi said...

Hi Mani
The chinese thought reminded me of a poster of Tom and Jerry, my daughter had in her room.

It had these words in it.

Doing nothing is not easy, but somebody has to do it.

Ayesha Parveen said...

Quoted a nice adage. Thanks :)

Hope you post articles soon.

manivannan said...

# KParthasarathi #

Though I'm pleased knowing that...I got to appreciate your courage sir for taking my come back as good fortune :)

Much thanks for the encouragement!Your words inspires me to write more.

manivannan said...

# venus66 #

:) Thanks venus. I too wish to read your wonderful poems soon.


manivannan said...

# Princess #

Hi Aiz, Thanks a lot for the read :)

Hey and special thanks for cheering me up!


manivannan said...

# A New Beginning #

Thanks for the appreciation sana. I'm glad you found it inspiring :)


manivannan said...

# lakshmi #

Hi lakshmi, I liked those lines!
I'm happy that I was that somebody at least for a while :)

Happy blogging!

manivannan said...

# Ayesha Parveen #

Hello Ayesha. I'm glad you liked it :). And I too am eager to read your posts. Why no updates? Hope you are doing well.

Take care!

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Mani :)

You have come out with a wonderful explanation for being absent for a long time. The explanation made me laugh :):) :)

Chinese like Indian are great philosophers.

From the western point of view this Chinese saying could be improve a little bit.


This man would have enjoyed the day doing something productive.

So if you are missing your blogger friends because you are busy with work, you are perfectly justified.

Have a good day, Mani :)

manivannan said...

# Joseph Pulikotil #

I'm glad this post made you laugh sir :)
I liked your westernization(!) of the proverb...perfectly reflects the westerners mind. And thanks for accepting my excuse :)


shri ramesh sadasivam said...

Okay. You are there! :)

manivannan said...

# shri ramesh sadasivam #

I can also read the words that are missing anna...OKAY! SO NOW WHAT? am I right? :-))

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Sneha said...

I think you have had a long break. And now its a time for a lovely post.:)

manivannan said...

# future mantra #

Hey will surely visit your site. Thanks for dropping by.

manivannan said...

# Sneha #

Yes, my friend, it really seems a long break... I too wish to post soon :) And thanks for your lovely encouragement!!

*smiles & wishes*

pritha said...

Hey na!!!

Good You know wat you are up to??

Soon post na!!!

Waiting for it!!

With wishes & prayers

manivannan said...

# pritha #

Thanks pabitha....thanks for boosting me. Will surely post soon. Keep reading!!

Take care!

May God bless you, always!