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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A man with his eyes closed

The golden rays of the rising sun began to penetrate through my window. I pushed aside the blanket I had covered myself with to see my messed up room glittering, beautifully by the deep yellow rays. I am too tired and it is too early to leave the bed, I believe so, and lie on the bed, thinking if I had had any dreams. I couldn’t remember any, so I begin my prayer for Lord Ganesha, a song seeking his grace and blessings to bring success in all our endeavors.

Thiruvakkum sei karrumam… A man, whom I saw two days before at railway station, was nearing me. Thiruvakkum sei karumam kaikoodum… My mind slips away from the verses and goes behind the man.

It was the rush-hour of a Monday morning. Sun was scorching to its best. Unmindful of the heat, people; people walking, people travelling, even people who were waiting, were seem to be in a hurry. The honking, squealing and screeching sounds of cars, motorcycles, buses, auto-rickshaws and even that ‘tring-tring’ of bicycles were reaching their crescendo every now and then. It was a disharmonic symphony to the bustling atmosphere. I was remembered of James Whitmore, in the film The Shawshank Redemption, saying “The world went and got itself in big damn hurry.”

I was new to Chennai and, excuse me; I was also in the hurry to catch a train. I was late to my office. My brother accompanied me since I was a newbie to this fast-paced city life.

After standing in a long queue, we got the tickets and rushed to the platform. The platforms were crowded but there were no trains. To make sure that we hadn’t missed the train, I asked a man nearby me, “Sir, has the train for Nugambakkam gone”. He just nodded his head. I had to assume he meant -‘no’ - so again I questioned, “At what time will it arrive?” He glanced at me and said something which was not audible to both of us. Before I could make sure what he had said, he bolted from us, gesturing - please, don’t disturb me - and stood a few yards away. Another man nearby him (who may have overheard our anxious queries) replied, “Time to come”. So we waited.

While waiting, I saw the man who moved away, thinking what made him to do so. Was there no time in this world to repeat a simple answer? Or, as my grandma says, will gold spill if he talks? But as I watched him closely, I understood he was sincerely uttering a prayer, to be exact, chanting a mantra. So I regretted for both: for disturbing and for my thoughtless grumblings.

I just wondered in a crowded place like this, with lots of people hanging (flaunting?!) around and making all efforts to get them noticed, what made me to go and interrupt a man, whose presence can hardly be noticed. Before I could arrive at a conclusion the train arrived. Everybody battled to get in.

The compartment was fully crowded. The man whom I interrupted was standing close to me; his eyes were closed. He was wearing white dhoti and khadi shirt. A long bag was hanging on his shoulders. His lips alone were moving slightly toward left and right, may be, because he was chanting a mantra in his mind. It was very peaceful to see a man relaxed and undisturbed from all the anxiety, tensions and commotions of this jam-packed train, and meditating as if he were in a shrine.

The words of Lord Krishna echoed in my mind, “With all the senses absorbed in Me and seeking Me as the only refuge, he withdraws all his senses from the outer world.

I am seeing a man living those words, spoken five thousand years ago, amidst the crowd and chaos. Like a water drop on lotus leaf, he was untouched by the commotions and tumults of our fast forward life.

The train reached my station. Along with the hastening crowd, I got down and started walking. People were rushing to get in. Suddenly, I had an urge to see the face of the man. So I sprinted to the crowded compartment, hoping to have a glimpse of his face. He was not there. Desperately, I peeped through the windowsills. I turned and saw the moving throng, I couldn’t find him anywhere. The train began to move and slowly picked up its pace. In disappointment, I closed my eyes; there! to my surprise, I saw the calm, tranquil face of the man with his eyes closed.


I'm really *sorry* for not visiting your blogs. For the past few weeks, I was hard-pressed for time. And was in no mood to read or write anything :( This story was written a year ago. Since, I couldn't come up with anything new, I thought of sharing this with you all, my beloved blogger friends. Do leave your comments...I will soon catch up with your posts :)

*hugs & wishes*


yves said...

I was just passing by because I have read on your profile that you had enjoyed the book "The kite runner": is that so? I wondered if you would like to give me your opinion? (http://www.letstalkaboutbollywood.com/)

lakshmi said...

That is a beautiful post.

- In disappointment, I closed my eyes; there! to my surprise, I saw the calm, tranquil face of the man with his eyes closed.

You are lucky Mani. Many would love and long to have that few seconds of peace

Have a great day

venus66 said...

Very meaningful post. Well written.Hope you are doing good there. Take care.

Ayesha Parveen said...

Good you have quoted Krishna's words. Best wishes.

pritha said...

hey na!!

A very beautiful post!! while reading this post it gave me a few seconds of peace!!

- In disappointment, I closed my eyes; there! to my surprise, I saw the calm, tranquil face of the man with his eyes closed.

good lines!! have a great day ahead!!!

My wOrLd... said...

a beautiful post...
mani, every one should understand the value of peace(not in the world(not possible) but within ourselves....well,i am tryin to....i am desperately wanting to learn to meditate....oh....really...

My wOrLd... said...

a beautiful post...
mani, every one should understand the value of peace(not in the world(not possible) but within ourselves....well,i am tryin to....i am desperately wanting to learn to meditate....oh....really...

shri ramesh sadasivam said...

Beautiful story Mani. The last few lines are poetic. Since I am also a character in this story, I am able to enjoy it much more. Its my privilege that I have seen that person along with you. He was truly a great man.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Mani:)

You have made a lovely post out of a simple incident. You have a wonderful writing talent. I admire it.

Chennai is always busy and I suppose you traveled by electric train. There are times when the trains are overcrowded. Yet you found the time to observe this wonderful man who is the source for the excellent post.

Yes, we all long for inner peace, calmness, serenity of mind very desperately. Most of the time it eludes us. Chanting prayers diverts our mind which is always troubled with some problem or the other. We are never at peace with ourselves and only God can give us that great blessing.

Many thanks for this wonderful post and please don't forget to convey my best wishes to your talented brother, Ramesh.

Wish you all success in all your endeavors.

Kat said...

Written exceedingly well till the last word.

Princess said...

as kat says exceedingly well written personal exp..


KParthasarathi said...

It seems a real incident.It is said the footfalls of the great gyanis are rarely observed except by the blessed few.You are indeed fortunate. The incident is written in a very absorbing manner as you always do. Thank you.

manivannan said...

@ yves

Hi yves!
Thanx for dropping in. YES, I loved that book a lot. I'll surely check out your blog and give my opinion on that wonderful book. ASAP :)


manivannan said...

# lakshmi

Thank you lakshmi. I really don't know whether I'm lucky or not, but your comment makes me feel so :)

I'm happy you liked the post and loved those lines.

take care!

manivannan said...

@ venus66

Many thanks for your kind regards Venus. I'm really fine. I hope the same with you :)

And I'm really glad that you liked this post.


manivannan said...

# Ayesha Parveen

Thank you Ayesha :)

manivannan said...

# pritha

Much thanks pabitha :) I'm really happy to know you found a few seconds of peace reading this post.

Take care!

manivannan said...

@ My wOrLd...

Hey thanks rugma. I'm happy you liked it. Very true...we should understand the value of inner peace . And, if everyone understands its value don't you think peace is possible in this whole world?

Are you longing to learn meditation?! That's really good. Desperately, pray to Shree Krishna, he will surely guide you to the best path. I'm very sure about that, because He is one who has helped me to learn meditation...

My sincere prayers and wishes!

manivannan said...

# shri ramesh sadasivam

Much thanks for your appreciative comment anna. I know you will enjoy this post a lot :)

Yes'na, he was truly a great man.

manivannan said...

@ Joseph Pulikotil

Many many thanks for your elaborate comments sir.I'm always encouraged by your words. Yeah...it was a electric train. And I'll surely convey your regards to my brother.

Thanks once again for your comment and wishes.

manivannan said...

# Kat

Thanks a ton Kat for finding time to read my posts. I'm so glad you liked it :)

manivannan said...

@ Princess

Thanks Aiz. I'm really happy to know you liked it. Yeah... it was my personal experience.

manivannan said...

@ KParthasarathi

Yes sir, it was a true incident. We were so inspired by seeing that great man.I do feel fortunate to have seen him. Many thanks for your appreciative comments. I'm always encouraged by your words.

A New Beginning said...

Beautiful description:)
Keep up the great work!

manivannan said...

# A New Beginning

Thank you Sana for you encouraging comment :)

Sneha said...

Beautiful post mani.:)

manivannan said...

@ Sneha

Thank you my friend :)

sury said...

I landed on your blog via the blog of Mr.Ramesh Sadhasivam. Not unoften, men and women whom we meet casually do make such a lasting impact . I really read it not once but many times.
Subbu rathinam
stamford, CT.

manivannan said...

@ sury

Welcome here sir. Ramesh is my brother only and I have heard the devotional songs which you have sung :)

So it's a pleasure to see you here. And I am really glad that you read this post many times.

Many thanks for dropping by. I wish to see you again :)


Mad Blogger said...

Really good post.. and exceptional expression of the emotions...

manivannan said...

# Mad Blogger #

Welcome to my virtual space friend. Thanks for your appreciative comment. I am glad you enjoyed the read

Like to see you around :)