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Thursday, December 4, 2008

We need your voice

When I was discussing about the Mumbai terror attacks, one of my friends blasted Pakistan for supporting terrorism and insisted that India should wage a war on our neighbourhood country. I know he was speaking the minds of millions of Indians, who simply couldn't witness the brutal killings of innocent people.

The investigation reports reveal that the plan was masterminded and the savage killers were trained in Pakistan. India has urged Pakistan to hand over Dawood Ibrahim and other scoundrels, who shamelessly use all ugly and cowardly ways for their own, selfish benefits.

I think and insist that the government and the people of Pakistan should stand up and give their unanimous support against terrorism. They should insist to hand over these criminals to India, and should fight to eradicate the anti-social elements, which rot their country.

Masquerading themselves as religious, political and social leaders, they indoctrinate thousands of people with false philosophies, principles, hatred and violence – that too - in the name of Allah, the most merciful and the most benevolent. Misguided by them, people turn as killing sprees and destroy the lives of many others (including theirs). They are a shame to Islam.

Because of these few religious fanatics, fundamentalists, rogues and thugs, I couldn't support a war against an entire nation. That too, being a lover of Gandhi, I stand for the unity of nations and religions. I don't believe in - an eye for an eye- principle. But then, I definitely can't see those criminals, after ruining the lives of thousands of people, living in posh bungalows and leading a normal life. They will brainwash more people, blast more cities and take more innocent lives (which is their sole business). That's why I ask and pray for the support of my Pakistani brothers and sisters.

Show the world that Pakistan will not tolerate terrorism.Show the world that Pakistan is not a home for terrorists. Show the world that even your hearts bleed for the innocent lives lost. Show the world that Islam means peace.

Or else, a war will be inevitable between our nations.


Princess said...

I thought you would like this site which goes with your post title http://www.abillionhands.com/

a good thought here..


manivannan said...

Thanks for the link Aiz. I'll check out.

WarmSunshine said...

Okay, so I am, a Pakistani, at your blog. I'm glad youngsters today still think rationally against raging a war against a whole country for a bunch of a**holes who do all the evil hiding themselves under the pious label of Islam. I am of the favor that the culprits responsible for all of this be and yes, they SHOULD be turned over to the Indian govt cz what they did, it deserves just that! Whatever their cause is, this WAS no way to put forward...

Personally I think it was alldone just to create unrest in the region.

Islam means peace. They aren't Muslims.

Peace out.

manivannan said...

No & Yes Mehreen...

Firstly, I don't segregate anyone by race, colour, caste, religion, country and so on. I personally hate it.

Especially, between India and Pak, I still regret for our separtion. May be, such terror attack would never had happened, if our leaders heeded to Gandhi.

And I also know such culprits are in all countries and religions.

But at this issue, definetly we have to take a stand. We can't see a country and a religion being blamed because of those cowardly bastards.

That's why I ask for the support of Pakistan and it's people. When you come forward against terrorism, surely the bond between our nations would be more strong.

So, for this POST/ISSUE alone you're a Pakistani, NO, NOT, and NEVER in my blog :)

Hope you agree :)

Thanx for your support. I take this as your people's voice.

And those culprits don't have any cause, this is done purely for their surrvial, and because of their blind lust for power.

I would be more happy if you could write a post about this in your blog.

Thanx again for your thoughts and support.


shri ramesh sadasivam said...

True Mani, these terrorists are putting people under a difficult situation. They are spoiling the relationship b/w two countries. Pakistan government must come forward to join hands with India to wipe out terrorism and the bad name on Islam.

Special thanks to Warmsunshine, as a lover of peace.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Mani :)

Very interesting and well thought out post.

In the first place it must be understood that Pakistan has been training and equiping terrorists not only to kill in India but also people in other countries. Now the terrorist groups in Pakistan have become so entrenched that the authorities are unable to do anything. Remember how Benazir Bhuto was killed.

All along Pakistan stood by the terrorists and protected them. Now they are being pressurised by the US to put an end to terrorism and cooperate with India.

Hope Pakistan will cooperate and avoid a catostrophic war which will bring massive loss to both sides.

Many, many thanks for your excellent post.

Have a good day :)

Have a good day :)

venus66 said...

Some people just couldn't let others live peacefully and happily.
Something very painful to think about.
Mani, thank you for your kind words and visit.
Do take care. God Bless.

manivannan said...

@ Shri Ramesh

Thanks for your comment and thoughts 'na. The recent statements of Pak President is ambiguous. Let's hope they give us full support.

Art and Poetry said...

Its a very good post and good comments also! I feel that war will change nothing look at all the other wars we have had.

manivannan said...

@ Joseph Pulikotil

Hello Sir :)

Welcome here! Thanks for your kind words, and for sharing your views.

Yes sir, what you've said is true. Today's Hindu editorial also expressed similar opinion - the terrorist groups have strongly established its roots in Pakistan. This is very unfortunate.

Let's hope and pray Pak Govt will cooperate with us and avoid a catastrophic War, which will only make things more worse.

Thanx once again for your visit and comments.

Do come again.

manivannan said...

@ Venus

Hi Venus,

Some people just can't live and let others live in peace. Very true and saddening. Thanx for your comment.

have a nice weekend :)

manivannan said...

@ Art & poetry

Hi Nick,

Yes, wars had never really changed anything.

But the unfortunate thing is that we never learn from our past mistakes.That's why I'm worried.

Thanx for your comment and valuable thought.

Have a nice weekend :)

Ghost Particle said...

it looks so close now sir. but i too wish for no war. war wont change anything, it will create more of them. more terrorist, more refugees and more innocent killed. and that too, this is not contained to a single country. the arms originate from elsewhere, even China might be fueling them. its a strange world out there. men would rather see destruction rather than a beautiful generation ahead.

Sneha said...

Nicely written.
I have few Pakistani friends and we don't have any problems among us and we like to call ourselves as DESIS.
May peace prevail Soon.

manivannan said...

@ Ghost Particle

What you have said is true brother. I'm definitely not for war, and YES it's not about one country alone. Even I read that China is backing terrorists. But some of India's most wanted criminals are living in Pak...

What's heartening is that Pak has started to crackdown some of the top terrorist orgainizations... Hope it will join with us to pull out all the stops to erase terrorism.

manivannan said...

@ Sneha

that sounds nice :) Thanks for your comment and visit.

pritha said...

hey!! nice post!! they are rogue!! merciless evil hiding themselves behind a religion. they never tried to do anything showing their faces.. cowards!! they shud be handed over to Indian government!! but Pakistan's recent report worries me and still those evils come out to media and express their views, giving a note of terror attack in many other places!! now everything is in the hands of Pakistan to show that love peace!! anti- terror!!

manivannan said...

Hi Pabitha,

I'm surprised! Thanks for visiting so soon, and for your comment.As you've said let's hope Pak arrests all the top criminals behind the terror attacks and hand them to India.

Keep coming back :)

Have a good day.

pritha said...

this peace of writing even made me to update my thoughts against terror in my blog!! will come back to your blog sure!!! take care!! good day!!

manivannan said...

I'll check out ur blog. Take care :)

venus66 said...

Hi Mani, how are you?
Thank you for your comments and kind visit. You take care, Mani.

manivannan said...

Hi venus,

Thanks for your caring words.I'm fine. Wish you the same.

Have a nice time :)

Kat said...

Reading you and warmsunshine (Mehreen) can see that people in both countries abhor terrorism. People want to live peacefully and coexist. But there is a group everywhere who is anxious that this bliss state is not achieved - provokes and instigates hatred in the name of religion. Terrorism will ruin any country. Rulers and people should be wary of this.

manivannan said...

# Kat

Very very true kat. Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable opinion :)