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This slave is taking immense pleasure in welcoming you to experience my Self in all its glories!

Shree Rama Jayam.

Monday, September 29, 2008

I’m a boat on a sea

I’m a boat on a sea

Twirling, whirling, turning
As the waves of the sea
Rising, falling, yet moving
As the waves of the sea

Sometimes calm and serene
Sometimes restless within
I waver from one tide to other
But, the struggle remains forever

Unknowing, the play is endless play
Unknowing, the wave is endless wave
I move here and there
Hoping for a better fare

Nothing seems better
Nothing gets better
Trying everything I could
I give up one day, thinking who could?

It was on that day; I had
A glimpse of the shore
To where my sail was
Though in my dream, true it was

The shore is far away
East or west, north or south
I don’t know: All I do now, is pray
For the Mighty Hands to row


shri ramesh sadasivam said...

Excellent poem mani. Hats off. I can proudly tell this is my brother's poem. Keep them coming.

incorrectmystic said...

thank you very much na...

Kat said...

I like you "little boat" that braves the seas and surrenders to the Almighty :-)))

If you like poems you may want to read Brenda - She is a young girl and writes charming fun filled poems..!!!! http://rinklyrimes.blogspot.com/2008/05/rinkly-rime-one.html

manivannan said...

thanks Kat I'll check that blog