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Saturday, June 28, 2008

an idiotic question

When he asked me that question, first, it surprised me, then it annoyed me, then it irked me.

He has seen me keeping my eyes glued on you. He has seen me always rushing to have a glimpse of you. He has seen me perpetually lost in your thoughts. He has seen me penning poems for you. He has seen me praising you eternally. He has also seen me bitterly whining about you. Then how could I except such a dumb-headed question from him.

But I was patient enough to answer him. I said (that too smilingly) you're my better half, my saviour, my very life. It is for your love I desire to live, though, I know that I'm not your only love. It is for your feet I desire to die, though I know that I'm not the only one to be at your feet.

Listening this, he grinned and left the place without saying anything.

It was then all the aggravation and anger, began to stir within me. I remember you've once said that, from desire arises fear, from fear arises anger. But, what do I do, if anger arises from a question?

My dear Krishna, you say, what else could take place within me, when such an idiotic question, "what does Krishna mean to you " is asked.


Kat said...

பாரதியின் கண்ணன் போல

மணியின் கிருஷ்ணன் ..!!!!

manivannan said...