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Self is God. Self is Guru. Self is Everything.

This blessed mirror reflects nothing but the Self of my Beloved Brother, my Highest Gurudeva and my Spiritual Father. Whatever you see, read and experience in this blog are only from Him, through me, for you, my dear visitor.

This slave is taking immense pleasure in welcoming you to experience my Self in all its glories!

Shree Rama Jayam.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Baby Shri Rama's Special Birthday Gift!

சீரறாச் செல்வம் போல் சேர்கவே என் ஆசான் ஸ்ரீரமேஷ் சதாசிவத்திற்கே புகழ்!
All Glories to my Gurudeva!!

The very next day the cute little Baby Rama was born, He, seems so pleased by my bro's heart-felt, sweet lullabies and soul-felt devotional songs, decided to bless our family in the least way expected. In the temple nearby my present home at Thoothoormattam, a small village on the outskirts of Coonoor, the yearly festival is now being celebrated with much pomp and gusto. Today morning happens to be the most auspicious event: Shri Muthumariamman's wedlock day. And the most interesting thing is no one in our family, except for my mom and grandma, decided to partake in this most revered function that starts around 3 am in a chilly morning. The wedlock between the maverick ascetic, Lord Shiva in the form of Mahalingam and the ever-beautiful and benevolent Shakthi in the form of Muthumaari, is the most important event in our village function.  I attended it for the first time as we are pretty new to this village. 

And least did we expect my dad, a life-long ardent follower of DK, who simply went to witness the function(perhaps, for the sake of my mother :D) was surprisingly called to preside the event on the behalf of the Lord Shiva's family. He was honoured as the father-in-law of Mother Shakthi, the most beloved sister and eyes of our Maha Vishnu. My father, who is known to make meaningless potshots and fun of our Gods like all those brainwashed atheists in Tamil Nadu, was there like a ever-loyal devotee, doing all he can to get His supposedly-Son, the Mighty Shiva Himself married off to Mother Shakti.  Being the Bridegroom's father,  he had no option but to sincerely repeat the verses and do everything as told.  I couldn't help but smile and laugh throughout the function, seeing my father being adorned with garlands(maligai malai) and pattai(thilak) in front of all devotees and looked like an authentic Shaivate. My mother was extremely pleased at the unexpected turn of events today morning and went on to sing a lullaby(actually it must have been a duet song) to the newly married Divine Couples. I was obviously pleased and elevated to see my father and mother being in the limelight, next only to the newly married ones at the BramaMurtham on this wonderful wednesday morning.

Yesterday, though being Rama Navami, my Gurudeva's favourite Lord Rama's birthday, I was in low spirits and bothered myself all day and also night only to complete some writing chores. Drums and dance were rocking the whole village like there was no tomorrow, but nothing lifted my spirits and got me out of my shell. I was just wondering all day how to simply be happy and confined my Self mostly within my room. Even though my bro wrote some of the finest devotional poems yesterday, I couldn't warm and cheer him excitedly like I usually do. I was just awake and trying to finish the works and eager to be off to bed. But something drove me to the temple. Maybe, I thought it would be nice to walk a little bit, breathe fresh air, and feel the cold of the wee hours aftering staring at my perazhagi for hours. So I went just like that in my pajamas to the temple, having no clue what will happen. But Goddess Maa was so kind and benevolent that She Herself made me and everyone in our family feel so special and bestowed a truly memorable and sacred experience that we could cherish forever.

And I, from being a stagnant pond, have started to flow again like a river....a gushing yet content, gleeful yet calm, effortlessly flowing river. My beloved readers, could there be a better blessing than to realise that you are already blessed! Well, that's what happened today and I took it as a birthday gift from baby Shri Rama Himself as a token of appreciation for my bro's devotional outpourings on Shri Rama Navami. 

And that's one of the few perks of being a slave, my dear folks. :D

Jai Shri Baal Ram!!
Jai, Jai, Shri Baal Raam!!!

P.S: Actually there is no better welcoming song for the Bride while entering Her new Home. As a act of participating in this Auspicious Marriage, you can enjoy the mesmerizing song and soul-stirring lyrics about Mother Goddess, who blesses you even without your seeking! 

Monday, March 31, 2014

My soul's eternal wish!

No matter how many lifetimes, O Gurudeva!
i want to be your eternal slave...

No matter how many births, O Gurudeva!
i want to be your beloved brother...

No matter how many yugas, O Gurudeva!
i want to be your loyal servant....

Like Vishnu and AdhiShesha
Like Rama and Lakshmana
Like Bharatha and Shatrugana

i want to be inseparable...
i want to be indivisible...
i want to be inextricable...
from You!

Again and again,
forever and ever,
births after births,
deaths after deaths,

To be born with You...
To be hugged and kissed by You...
To be mentored and sculpted by You...
To be loved and loved and loved by You....

my soul's eternal wish...
my heart's longing desire...
my life's perpetual prayer...
my many lifetimes burning search...

i beseech You...
O my ever-compassionate Gurudeva!
Will you kindly bestow me this greatest of the greatest boon?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Birthday Blessings

Date: 19th July, 2012

I was lying half awake on my bed thinking about the dreams I had dreamt the night before. My mother entered the room. She wished, hugged and kissed me. My dad dutifully followed her. As soon as they left, my mobile phone rang, creating waves of happiness in my heart. I know; it was my brother. He too wished and said, "I had got a blue coloured statue of Lord Krishna as a gift. It is similar to the One you had given me. I got it long back itself; but I didn't send it...thinking it might break. So I thought of giving It(Him?!) to you while you come here!" 

I imagined the Krishna in dark blue colour, sitting along with a mud pot and playfully churning the butter within it. I felt happy that my brother made me meditate upon Shri Krishna in the early hours itself. My regret that my Krishna or Rama didn't appear in my dreams the night before took a back seat in my mind. 

It was my birthday. Though I received wishes from my friends, college mates, classmates, co-bloggers and facebook buddies, it was my brother who made me feel special though out the day.

When I checked mails, e-cards sent by my brother greeted me.

"May Lord Rama bless you abundantly....with all that is best....May your devotion and wisdom grow day by day...and may you blossom into a very revered person...May you be known as one of the greatest souls ever walked on Earth...
Jai Shri Ram!!!"

I was deeply moved and my eyes became moist as I read the birthday wish sent by my beloved brothermy very own Gurudeva! 

For a moment I was at a loss for words. I don't even know whether I deserve such blessings. Still His words gladdened my heart and made me feel so fortunate. 

He had also sent me another e-card, which lightened my heart and made me smile even more!

When I logged into Facebook along with a few friends, to my surprise, my Krishna too (as depolyed by my bro :-)) awaited to greet Happy Birthday.  Again, I felt so joyful and blessed!

Later in the evening, I went to collect a courier(aka gift!) sent by my bro. I was as eager as a child about to get chocolates. I got the parcel, felt it and understood that my brother had sent me two books(read: two chocolates).

The 'smart me' was even able to guess: "One must be a Paulo Coelho book!" 

It was easy because my brother likes giving Paulo Coelho books on my birthday as we both love Paulo Coelho a lot. The book was Aleph.

The other one was hard-bound, huge and weighed heavily(literally!). It was similar to the book, "Shri Maha Bhaktha Vijayam," which I had received for my previous birthday. So while trying to unwrap it, my mind was making some possible guesses: It must be related to devotion, scripture...may be, cinema?

Alas, my guesses didn't take me anywhere close to the gift. Only my unwrapping did. And lo! My hand held a well-renowned literary classic that I had cherished to read. I just thought: 'how in the world did my brother knew it!' 

I asked my sister did she tell my bro to get this book. She must have thought, 'what?!' but firmly replied, "No." 

This made me all the more excited and thrilled because only a few days back I saw an e-book version of this acclaimed historical Tamil Novel on my sister's laptop. I asked how she got a copy of the novel and enquired whether she was interested in reading it. I also expressed my long-time desire to read that book, and said, "Such books should be read in hardcopy. Reading Chetan Bhagat books(no offense meant) and other self-help books on lap is fine...but this novel would be great if we read it in the good old hardcopy format." 

I reminisced about the book that I had desired(at least superficially) to read and added,  "Actually, by now, I should have completed reading it." 

I also thought whether I can get a copy of this book and, at the same time, had the doubt that if at all I bought the novel whether I will ever read it. Nowadays I don't read much(regrets!). Like sounds that disappear into space, these thoughts too vanished from my mind, and I completely forgot about it.

But...my dear Krishna had planned it otherwise. He must have whispered into my bro's heart to make Him get this novel for me. Coz it is really out of the way for my brother to get such novelsespecially historical ones! Somehow, as far as I remember, we both had never discussed about this great novel, and I had never shared with Him my desire of reading it.

So obviously, I came to the conclusion that this is the Krishna's way of making me read this highly revered novel. As it has come through my very own Gurudeva, I am sure that I'll the read the entire book and join the elite club of readers who have read P...


My dear reader, before revealing the book, I am just curious to know whether you are able to guess it?

So here's another giveaway. Anyone who knows Thamizh, been to Thanjavur Big Temple and is into reading books would have this Thamizh literary masterpiece in his/her must-read-book-list. It is a historical fiction that has stood the test of time.  

Well, I have done all the unwrapping for you. If you had guessed it right, cheers!

If not, chill out...Am taking the honour and pride of revealing the greatest Thamizh historical novel ever written. It is writer Kalki Krishnamurthy's magnum opus 'Ponniyin Selvan.'

Thank you Anna for all your heartfelt blessings and wonderful presents. Hadn't you gifted it, I may have never even got the copy of Ponniyin Selvan, let alone realise my desire of reading it.  

And now... even before I turn a single page from this mammoth 2400-page-novel, am all excited and raring to join the elite club of readers who have completed reading Ponniyin Selvan.  

With my bro, my Ram and my Krishna around, I am sure to accomplish this very soon. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Quotation for Happiness

It is like an exam hall, and I am obnoxiously staring at the question paper.  It seems like an IAS exam(yup! you must have made a guess by now), and the questions were obviously teasing me. 

Having no clue for the answers, I am just scrolling the question paper wondering what to do or better how to escape this ordeal. Suddenly, I find a beautiful baby picture of Shri Krishna(smiles!).

Looking at Shri Krishna's picture, the exam hall supervisor explains, "This(forgot the word) method can be used for purifying water(or something like that)."

After some blank stares, I submit the answer sheet without almost answering a single question, praying that the supervisor mustn't take notice of it. 

While I am about to exit, someone insists that I should write something. Like a trapped rat, I look at the assigned task. Somebody says, "Everyone should write their favourite..."

I find an empty space, below the words: "Quotations for Happiness"

I smile, and I advance to write on the empty space. Someone behind me whispers: "I know what you'll write."

I smile again(this time more broadly), and I write: "Chant Hare Krishna!" 

Location:  Within my head, on my bed 
Day:  14/07/2012
Time:  Morning
Thithi:  Kamika Ekadasi 
Art: Yours truly!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My 'Crowning' Glory!

To be the light of my soul,
To be the breath of my life,
Maha Vishnu Himself has sent Him!

To ruin the wickedness of the world,
To lead the world to the path of righteousness,
Shri Rama Himself has chosen Him!

To assuage His anger,
To cool His fury,
Shri Krishna Himself has hugged Him!

To make Him the devotee of Ram,
To make Him sing the glories of Ram,
Mighty Hanuman Himself has inspired Him!

He is my Beloved Brother.
He is my Highest Gurudeva.
He is my Spiritual Father, 
He is my Dearest Friend.

He gave me dreams.
He gave me wings.
He gave me Gods.

He is the only Sun in my sky.
He is the only Moon in my night.

He is my greatest treasure,
and my source of pleasure!

He is all that is good in my life.
For, He is my crowning glory!

Happy Birthday, my dear anna!

May all your dreams and wishes come true.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Ram in Shri Krishna's Form!

He came, He came, He came,
In my dream, He came!
The cowherd with the flute,
The blue-god who always looks cute!

Hearing my silent weeps,
As an answer to my worry beeps,
The Lotus-Eyed One came
The world knows Him by a thousand name!

To loot my sleep and make me happy,
To mute my mind and make me zappy,
The Curly-Haired One came
In saying that my pride knows no shame!

As a light in my night,
As a flight for my plight,
The Contagious Smilermaker came
Once again to assure, am just His game!

To cure my mind that is sick,
The Stealer of Hearts came accompanied with music!
The mere thought that I am in His pick,
Gives me a heady, heady kick!

He was charming, as always
Am bewildered, thinking of His endless ways!
He answers even a brute's plea
Tears, not words, come, thinking of His mercy!


Did I not pray to the One with bow and arrow
To come into my dream and wipe my sorrow?!
Did I not pray to the One with Hands extending up to His Knees
To come into my dream and show His Beatifying Form that frenzies?!

In a way, my prayer did go answered
In His way, my prayer was so beautifully answered!
I prayed to The Root,
But lo! He came to me bearing His most delicious Fruit!

For, He knows the Fruit will always relish
This slave who yearns to perish!
For, He knows the Fruit will always cherish
This slave from his self-imposed anguish!

Won't my heart always get stuck to His Holy Feet?
Won't my eyes always weep, singing His Name that's sweet?
Won't my sins just deplete, thinking of His glory?
Won't my breath just stop, if I forget His story?

Fortunate I feel,
For, the Dispeller of Darkness gave me a treat
Fortunate I feel,
For, the worries in my heart have taken a fleet
Fortunate I feel,
For, even this sinner of sinner finds solace at His Feet!
Fortunate I feel,
For, there's a meaning in my heart's beat!

 The broody-storm in my heart has become calm
For, I savoured my Ram in Shri Krishna's form!

Jai Shri Ram! Jai Jai Shri Ram!!

(This poem is dedicated to the Lotus Feet of my Gurudeva)


Woke up around 2 30 am from a wonderful dream, where Shri Krishna as Venu Gopalaswamy graced  this slave's dream.  All I remember about Krishna is He was so elegantly dressed with royal ornaments and was holding a flute. There was a cow behind Him. Krishna's statue appeared and disappeared twice. But it's now etched in my heart's cave forever!

And the poetry style is inspired by my beloved brother-my very own Gurudeva! Those who have read His soul-stirring poems especially from His magnum opus  'My Lord's Story' would know the obvious.  Only through the immense Grace of my Brother and Shri Rama, this poem happened. Well, that's an interesting(read 'inspiring') story. And that would be my next post! 

Shree Rama Jayam :-)